Tuesday, June 2, 2015

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So this week was just nuts! Got to see a lot of miracles and get to see a whole lot more this next transfer in Taniyama, because I`M STAYING!! Yay!! Unfortunately my companion Kashiwa is not. :( I am way sad, but I`m not gonna think about it now because then I would cry. I don`t have to cry until Thursday when she actually leaves. But I bet you are wondering how I found out so early. It is because I am going to be a trainer. To a brand new, fresh, right out of the MTC bean-chan. I am very much scared to death. But I really think that the Lord is asking me to depend on Him as much as I can. And He is asking me in a way in which I really have no other choice, haha! But I am very excited, and I hope that the excitement just grows. But if you do have a minute to spare, please pray for me :)
But other than that we also saw a lot of cool miracles this last week. Our zone at the middle of this transfer had made a goal of 30 baptism dates by the end of the transfer. When we made the goal I think we were all pumped but knew that we really had to depend on the Lord to guide us on how to direct 30 people to committing to follow Him. And throughout the goal it kind of felt like maybe we would make it, and maybe we wouldn`t. It was a very up and down month. And if you have been keeping up with my blog you would know that all the baptismal dates we had made recently suddenly just dropped us. Really, like the day before they would be way pumped about coming to church and then the very next day they would drop us. To say the least I was very discouraged. But faith isn`t faith until it is tried, right? Haha, at least I can say that now! But at the time it was very difficult, but we tried to stay positive and move forward. It was just on Sunday that we only had a few days until the goal ended and Taniyama sisters had zero baptismal dates. I was very frustrated because i felt like everyone around us was seeing miracles (which was way cool and gave me a lot of hope) but I felt that all we were seeing was disappointments. So with like no hope or plan left of how to get even just one baptismal date. I just prayed and asked God that we could make one baptismal date for the goal. Then this last weekend happened. One of our baptismal dates that had kind of faded out about a month ago came to church! We told her it was Kashiwa`s last Sunday so she decided to come. Then we had an amazing lesson. She kind of faded out because she got very busy. But when she came on Sunday she didn`t look very lively. Apparently her interviews for finding jobs and things hadn`t been going very well at all. So in the lesson we basically talked about trials and hope. And she cried, she really has such a strong relationship with the Holy Ghost, she is just amazing! And Kashiwa is even more amazing, she really taught with the spirit and love and made our investigator feel that hope that comes from God. She then made a new baptismal date, understanding that it was a very serious commitment and that she does want to try her best. But we assured her that even through times of failure and success that the Lord will love us through it all and help us with his Grace. So she made the commitment of a goal to be baptized! It was just amazing! Such a cool miracle. And guess what?! We made the 30 baptismal date goal yesterday as a zone! The Lord really works in strange ways, to us at least, but He always get`s His work done. And in the best way possible.
I know that our Savior lives. And that he just wants us to be happy. Before my mission I really felt like happiness was the absence of problems. But on the short time I have been on my missio I realized that happiness is felt because of our problems and opposition. And through our trials even more happiness is available for us to feel! We can even feel lots of happiness during our trails strangely enough. I am so glad that I have been able to be part of such a fantastic zone, and have been given the opportunity to come closer to our Savior. Still got a long ways to go, but the work has just begun!
I hope you know that I love you all. And I love the Lord very much. And He loves you more than anyone. Hope your week is full of miracles!

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