Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blog: Work til you drop

So Miracles! Miracles galore!
So first off, I am exhausted. Yesterday especially I'm pretty sure I
was cross eyed through most of church. But it's the best kind of
tired! I really felt like I had let myself get lost in the work. And
although you are tired, you know that the Lord has helped you along
every step and because you had to depend on Him you were able to see
his hand in your life greater than ever before. This is very much how
I felt about this week.
Plus my new beanchan is just the best! This girl is so hard working,
and because she is Japanese  she can really understand and connect
with the people we talk to, and they just love her! But yes, this week
we had a training with our zone. Where we discovered that one of the
twelve had come to the asia missions and told all the mission
presidents that we can do more baptisms. So we made another goal to
focus on our sacrament meetings. Our last goal was making baptismal
dates. But as I have discovered this week. That making the date
itself, which seemed like a big hurtle, is merely just a pebble in
front of a mountain. We were able to make dates with two new
investigators this week! It was a big miracle! I was so scared since
Kashiwa shimai wasn't going to be there anymore, she was so good at
helping people understand the concept of baptism and make them feel
comfortable. But as I relied on the Lord and spoke His message with
the confidence I should have as a disciple of Him, I found that I can
be a good tool in the hands of the Lord. And that although I am still
not a very good teacher at all, that the Lord can refine me and use me
as a messenger of His truth. And let the spirit work through me to
help His children. But, ya! We had some awesome lessons with
investigators this week, also some very interesting ones as well. We
also had some BIG miracles!
So one day we were heading to go to a lesson with a recent convert and
had a little time to dendou, but the streets were pretty empty. Then
as we were coming to this cross walk this girl walked right in
us. And as awkward as it would be, I hopped off my bike and started
talking to her. She had some MAJOR interest. She wanted to see our
church and come to church and know of our teachings! Waaaay kinjin!
However, she had a big test coming up this next week  so she couldn't
make a time to meet. So I felt this incredibly strong impression, that
if I move my lips that she would be prepared right now to receive the
message. So I asked her if she had time right then to come and take a
tour of our church. And She said YES! So we walked over with our bikes
to the church and who was there? Our recent convert who is usually
late, was there early! And we did like a joint member tour with this
girl who was taking pictures and everything! Who does that?! And when
we showed her the font, I felt like everything we explained was just
confusing her more. But then our recent convert bore an awesome
testimony on baptism, seeing as she had received it pretty recently.
And it was great! We got her phone number and she is excited to see
and meet with us again!
Then we had this fireside with the members where we taught about
missionary work. The elders planned most of it, and we kind of ran out
of time at the end, but I think it went great. Of course it won't all
change at once, but if we start the fire in their heart and move
things a long little by little Japan will explode for sure! Elder
Eyering even said so in his prophecy of Japan. So we will make it
happen for sure! But while we were studying and planning for this
fireside I realized that I had not prepared myself and done my duty at
ALL before I became a missionary. And I think that is why the Lord
sent me to Japan where member missionary work might pretty soon be the
only way to do missionary work. I needed to realize that I have to do
my part from here on out. We were reading from this book "Power of
everyday missionaries". If you have not read this book. Read it right
now. You will discover that you have more power in you than you ever
thought before. And that you might not have a physical name tag but the
Lord is mindful of all his children and he will help you like he does
his full time missionaries complete his work. I mean missionaries were
and are just regular members who focus on the Lords work for a year or
two. And regular is busy, but there are small things that we can do to
help build God's kingdom. For by small and simple things, great things
come to pass. But yes, realized I was a terrible missionary before. So
I read my patriarchal blessing and some passages from this book and
realized. That the Lord will always provide and he already has
provided so many opportunities for me to share the gospel, which has
helped me grow SO much as a person. I know the Lord will get His work
done. Only our faith will limit His hand in our life. I know that this
gospel is true. Let's love one another, truly and share this gospel!
Love you all!

Sister Johnson

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