Wednesday, May 20, 2015

 Blog : Happy Birthday
So this week was kind of crazy! I turned 20!?!?!?!?!?!? What!? I am
very weirded out by this! But today we get to skype and I'm very
excited! So I will try and keep it short. But this week was fun! Got
to see the lords hand a lot this week! Although things don't usually
happen the way I want them to, it's not my work so I just gotta try
and understand the Lords will. WHICH CAN BE SO VERY HARD AT TIMES!!!
But I know that with the Lord all will all work out! And we also had a
way cool reactivation! When I first came to taniyama she seemed not so
interested in the church, but now her testimony is so strong! She said
the opening prayer for sacrament meeting this week and it was awesome!
Never thought she would get there to be honest, but oh me of little
faith. When she was talking with us this lesson she told us that she
told her mom she got baptized and now she is a Mormon. She said it
with so much pride that it almost brought a train to my eye. It was
the greatest! Anyways that's all I really want to say this week. Gonna
keep working my hardest for my ward, family, friends, and THE LORD!!!!
Love ya! BYE!


Us dendouing (tracking) at an apartment at night in taniyama. This is where I do
all my work!

A long candy we got from an investigator. It was very long.

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