Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blog: Pancake Party

So this week was also a week of miracles! I don't know if I told you,
but around February (Wow, that feels not that long ago to me, haha!)
we had our chocolate night activity. And literally like nobody showed
up. No members. Like 5 non-members. It was just sad. And I was so
disappointed. So I was more than apprehensive about doing another
activity. But we have this big Sunday goal so we decided to do an
activity to try and get people into the church and to feel that
special spirit. We decided on pancake party. Easy, for people of all
ages, and some fun games to go along with it. And it was a
success!!!!! Of course we were kind of frantic the whole time trying
to get kids and adults organized. But like 30 people came half members
half non-members! And it was awesome!!!! Now I definitely want to do
more activities with the ward. I will attach some pictures so you can
try and fathom the awesomeness!
But, ya, also this week we had some finding miracles. Love those
finding miracles. Because I don't know if you know, but talking to
random people on the street about God can kind of be a bit scary. But
if you try hard then the miracles come. Because your fear is replaced
with faith. And what great things follow faith! So we had streeted all
the way to the tip or our area where we had no luck. We tried to pass
out a book of Mormon like three or four times and it was just sad to
watch these people reject something so great. But then we got to house
around in this new area. And at first we housed into an area where
nobody answered there door. We found out that the elders had housed
the same apartment building like a couple days before! Haha! No
wonder! So then we left that building and tried another, still no
luck. So then we decided to pray. And I opened my eyes and saw this
apartment with all these lights on. So we housed there and at the end
of the hall on the second floor a miracle happened. I say miracle, but
at first I thought we were going to have to run for our lives. We
knocked on this door. And this guy in a dirty Nike shirt smelling a
bit like alcohol like busted out of the apartment. Scared me like
crazy! And he came out and was leaning on his apartment door. At that
point I was planning an escape route. But then he started to talk
about God, and how he really wanted to have that hope and light of
Christ that he saw when we showed him the Joseph Smith pamphlet. At
first I thought it was because he was just way drunk. But we talked
about repentance, and he seemed to understand everything we said and
he was very grateful that he was able to meet us. So we made a return
appointment and will go with the elders this next time, but ya. It was
a way awesome experience. He was very nice and so humble. It is very
miraculous to see how God prepares His elect.
Then a couple of days before we were housing in the middle of the
afternoon. Which can sometimes be hard because it's just old people
that are home, not that old people aren't awesome. But they don't
usually like listening about Jesus Christ. Plus it was super humid and
hot this day, luckily it didn't rain, though :) So we were housing
around without any luck when we knocked on the door and this young Mom
came out. And we talked to her about God, and she told us how she is
currently pregnant and was worried about having a fourth child and
that some people told her to do an abortion. But she said that she
already felt like it had life and didn't want to. And I think us
talking to her and reassuring her that she had made the right choice
made her feel more confident that she had made the right choice. It
was an awesome conversation. Plus she told us where to buy some cheap
ice cream around her house :) We talked for about 2 hours with this
woman. And her three other kids came home and then like 5 of their
friends came over. And to every kid that came over she asked if they
believed there was a God. Got some yes's and no's, but that was really
cool. It gave us a chance to introduce ourselves to some kids. Which
was kind of fun. And at one point they all came to the front door and
just stared at me because one of the kids overheard I was from
America. So that was really funny! They asked me my favorite animal
and food, haha! They were adorable!!! Anyways that was our week full
of miracles.
Right now our investigators are improving at a slower rate. But one of
our previous investigators who is busy all the time came to the
pancake party! She is still busy, but I think when summer comes in
August she can definitely get baptized! How amazing, right?! I can't
wait to introduce more of this gospel to these people! It's gonna be a
good week!
Anyways, love ya all! Hope you also have a great week full of
miracles! Let's all be miracle proactive!!! Speaking of miracles,
shout out to Sister Price, going to RUSSIA!! So crazy! You'll be the
best missionary ever Hannah! Love ya!

District meeting and indo curry! (evans, redd, schoenmn, ratzlaff,
kozaki, me, beer, loderup)

Us on the way home. Beer chourou was transferring the next day so
we took a nice picture.:)

Pancake party!!!

Musical chairs at the pancake party

Ninja assassin at the party

Murderer in the dark at the pancake party (this looks like some
kind of satanic ritual, haha!)

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