Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blog: Feed My Sheep

So this week was like crazy but really not all that crazy at the same
time. I think I say that about every week though. I'm all like, "whoa,
miracles and stuff. And whoa, challenges and stuff." But as a
missionary it is like this crazy spiritual roller coaster everyday. It
is really quite interesting. The Lord wants me to learn a lot I think.
Because I am used to everything just being crazy all the time but
still have no idea what to do. Because each time it's like a different
kind of crazy. It is super interesting though. Just goes to show how
we can easily forget God. I have realized that there is this very
finite string that attaches me to this world. And it's so odd,
because it is so hard to let go of. I wish i could just be like Peter,
or John and just let it all go and serve a mission for the rest of my
life. But I think I would probably die on the side of the road. Haha,
so for now I will be Sister Johnson and work my way up to Peter,
James, and John status.
But yep, this week was craziness for teaching lessons and stuff. And
we decided to do more less active work, so yesterday we wandered
around for like an hour and a half trying to find this ladies house.
Because it is IMPOSSIBLE to find Japanese addresses. I am not even
lying, nobody has them written on their houses. Half the time I can't
even tell where the front door is on Japanese houses, haha! But then
we decided to dendou around the are where her house should've been and
ran into this awesome lady! Who was busy but she wanted us to come
back so we said we would visit her same time next week. And it was
also kind of funny because while she was talking to us, I think her
mom or something was just like wandering from room to room in the
background. Haha, idk, it was just really funny.
Also had a really crazy revelation. Probably not that crazy and
probably very obvious to all you peeps, but it was really awesome in
the moment. So I was just sitting on the couch after lunch thinking
about our investigators with baptismal dates and how hard it is to get
them to progress. So I just like looked up and asked God what He
wanted me to do. And I had a thought come to my mind so distinctly
that I swear it was a voice. And it said, "Feed my sheep." So like
crazy I looked up that scripture in John 21. And I just read it like
over and over again. And of course I don't know everything about how
to do what, and what the perfect finding strategies are. But I have
realized that this work is about more than just me trying to drag
people through their conversion. It is to help them become self
established in the principles of their loving God. A God who wants to
help them and has sent a wayward soul as myself to try and do just
that. Haha, so I am going to try and change my attitude a bit more
since it wasn't an attitude of gratitude this last week. Not that I
was unhappy or grumpy. But I could definitely improve and really love
this time that I am here, because it is short. And I need to learn a
lot more if I am to be a good member mission that is for sure!
Anyways, that is all I really have to say for now. But crazy that
school is already out!!!!!! Wow, that was fast!!! I am dreading summer
because I heard it get's CRAZY hot here. Not looking forward to that!
But very excited to go and meet more awesome people! LOVE YOU ALL<

Sister Johnson
They had a bit sale on ice cream at this grocery store we play
basketball at. Needless to say we bought a lot of ice cream.

We got soaking wet riding home in the rain. Rainy season in Japan.
I don't think I'll miss it, haha. Love the smell though. It is a nice
change from the usual Taniyama dog food smell :)

Someone from kodomo eikaiwa printed a picture that we took with all
the kids and I saw this written on the little bag thing they put the
picture in. And I thought it was really creepy and funny, so I'm
posted this picture, haha!

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