Monday, June 29, 2015

Blog: Hot and Rainy

So this week was a tough one. I mean we have investigators and stuff.
I think it's just the constant rain that is getting me down. Constant
rain and the fact that I have to go out in it. Which sometimes is fun,
sometimes not so fun. Especially when it is hot.
So I think the biggest reason it is tough is because I have been
struggling as to what our investigators need to progress. I feel like
they are all kind of at a standstill right now. Which is almost more
frustrating than not having investigators, haha! But I think it was
during a family home evening lesson we were having with the kind of
less active family last night, when a very distinctive thought came to
my head. Why do you hold yourself back from your potential? It was so
funny because I could see the less active in front of me as well. Who
has so much potential to be a great priesthood leader. And then I very
much thought of myself as a missionary when I go out and contact
people and I just immediately think that they won't want to listen to
the gospel because they look busy, or they are young so they have no
interest in religion. And I realized that it was very much me limiting
myself from greater potential that the Lord sees in me. But no matter
what state I am in I always know I can turn to the Lord for comfort
and help. And isn't that just in itself amazing. When I have a hard
time I can ask Him why, or what He wants me to learn from it. And when
I am having a better day I can thank Him and feel His pure love. I am
just so glad to have the gospel in my life and be able to receive
answers to my questions and help from my loving Heavenly Father. And
who wouldn't want that?!
I am almost out of time, so I won't be able to tell you of some of the
coolest miracles we saw this week! But just know that the Lord answers
prayers. Try to strive to always be sincere when you speak with our
Father in Heaven, because that time is very sacred and we can receive
answers from Him. Also the greatest gift that God gives to man I think
is the ability to be an answer to somebodies prayer! It is just the
greatest feeling in the world! And Christ was an answer to the prayers
of all His children. And I know that He is our Savior and I know that
His work will move forward if we but have the faith! Which is
sometimes the HARDEST part! But we can all gain that experience which
is why we are here :) Glad that everyday is a new day for improvement.
Love you all!!!!

Sister Johnson

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