Monday, March 21, 2016

This week lots of weird stuff happened, but lots of good stuff too!!
The work is moving along. Sister Fugal I got the letters!!! THANK YOU
SO MUCH!!! NORTHFIELD 4th WARD for life!!!!!
Mission is the greatest thing on the planet. I know that relationships
penetrate the grave and our happiness is more than just this Earthly
life. The Savior lives and loves us, enough to cut us down and raise
us up. The church is true. We support and help and challenge each
other. God organized His church through a living prophet Joseph Smith.
And continues to do it through a living prophet. The powers of heaven
exist on the Earth today. I know that true happiness comes through the
Savior. So let's all find it!!!
No time this week!! It was good our investigator Kiyomi-San came to
church and loved it!! She has a baptismal date pray for her and others
that they can come to church and enter into the waters of baptism!!
I love this mission, this church, my family and friends in the U.S. Of
A and my friends here in the land of the rising sun, and my Lord and
Savior Jesus Christ!!! Joseph Smith WAS a prophet and WAS called of
the Lord and the Savior DOES live. And it IS important that everyone
knows this. I love sharing the gospel!
Sister Johnson
Some people's last day at Eikaiwa before transferring. Good luck! (Ngatai, Spencer, Connett, Tofa, Masters, Weller, Sato, Me, Satomi, Moe (satomi's daughter)

Our district Proudfoot-chourou, spencer, stanger, mizoguchi, hall,
tofa, Sato, me!

We had to make a. Video on companion relationships, and we were the bad example. We couldn''t hold it.  Together.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Blog: Friends Returning Home

GAAAH!!! I don't know where to start! I feel like so much has gone on
in just this little email hour!!! My head is spinning!! I seriously
love being a missionary, I love it so much!! I want to be one
forever!! It is full of so many growing experiences, pushing the
limits, heavy sorrow, and miraculous joy!
Today I read the emails from Jill and Maddie Giles who are now RM's.
And had left a little bit before me. I love you Hermana DeBuck and Gu
Jimei (forgive me on spelling)!! They are such good missionaries and
such a good example to me! I can't even believe how fast time has
flown. Continue on the otherside my friends!!
This week was just craziness and tiredness. We have been making so
many return appointments this week. and man it has been so great.
Hard, tiring, but great! We met that man named Steve again who wants
to see proof that God exists, and that was very interesting. But I
think he really does want to know it's true, but believing is pretty
hard. So I have been studying a lot about faith recently. Then we were
able to find a man named junpei san through calling people on dendou.
He was way cool! And said he would love to know if these things are
true for himself. We are excited to meet him on Friday again. Then we
met some of the coolest people housing yesterday! We met a young mom
and the last door we knocked on was this lady named Yuka who told us
she had thought of death and stuff before and would like to hear our
message! So that was super cool!!! We are excited to go visit her
We also met the coolest lady last night as we were housing. We were
walking down this dark street when we saw this lady on the side of the
road carrying a backpack. She was probably in her 80's and then she
pulled off to the side walk and then started pulling stuff our of her
back. So we approached her and she had a big bag of cat food in her
backpack and a can of cat food and water. And then we saw underneath
the vending machine a cat and a plastic bin full of water. We got
talking with her and when she goes home from work she stops at certain
locations and feeds stray cats. And the cats are always there waiting
for her, he came right up and greeted her. And it was just such a warm
feeling that this lady everyday as she walks up and down this hill to
and from work carries a backpack full of cat food and feeds the stray
cats. Just like Jesus Christ always feeds us, no matter how wrangly or
crazy eyed we may be. Christ will always attain to our needs no matter
what burden it has caused for Him. The gospel is everywhere!!
I love the church and the people of Japan. I know there is life beyond
death and that we will all rise again to meet our Lord and Savior to
feel his everlasting peace! I type these things in the name of Jesus
Christ, AMEN!
Johnson Shimai

This is our YSA/youth activity that I forgot to mention because my
brain is boggled. We got to do splits with some youth and YSA. And I
did it with Mana-chan and Saho-shimai. Mana-chan has such a strong
testimony, if all youth were like her. Planet Earth would be a
different place. She handed out a Book of Mormon and it was amazing!!

Us with our investigator Kiyomi-san (right). And Ishida-shimai (left). She is super cute!