Monday, July 13, 2015

 Blog: New President

This week was a week full of miracles!! Just like every week as a missionary :)
It is the funniest thing when you set goals. And the most miraculous
thing when you set them prayerfully. This last week was also transfer
week, we had transfers a bit earlier because our mission president
goes home this Wednesday! Crazy, right?! And we will be getting a new
mission president, president Egan (I think that is how you spell it?)
And I am very excited, he seems awesome! I am sad that our current
mission president will be going home. He was very determined and
awesome to help the people and missionaries of this area. And I will
never forget the kindness he always shared. But I am sure he is very
anxious to see his family like all returning missionaries.
But yes, anyways week full of miracles. So many that my head starts
spinning when I try and think about them all at once. That is another
thing about missionary work. Is that you think a lot more than usual.
And you think about a lot of things all at once. So sometimes it feels
like the world is spinning, sometimes out of control, but then it all
falls right into place. Sometimes I wish I could see the future and
just do exactly what the Lord needs me to do, but then I wonder if I
would do it. And that is why effort and faith are required. But yes, a
very powerful lesson I learned this week was about inviting people to
come unto the fold of God. I was reading the power of everyday
missionaries, and watching videos of missionary work on the gospel
library. And I came to realize that I really should be focusing on
those who DIDN'T come to church. Sometimes I get so caught up in
trying to greet and love those who come to church weekly (which is
also important) I should really focus on those who weren't able to
feel the eternal love of their father in heaven. I learned a very
powerful lesson from the members here in Taniyama. We went with a
member to visit a less active who can't come because of work. And
although I am not sure if there was anything I could've said or done
to get them to come to church. They always felt the love of the
branch, having never been forgotten. There is a member in our ward who
calls everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, on their birthday. And although
this member can sometimes be the butt of the joke, everyone loves him
because he decides to love everyone. And we found out another sister
spends some time on Sundays to call people and ask why they weren't
there at church and just to chat with them. These are things I never
even thought of doing before my mission. Reaching out to those who
didn't come, whether it be less actives, non-member friends or family,
or a neighbor you have never met. If we take small and simple steps,
great things come to pass! And I have seen that through our branch. We
also got a referral this week! A very awesome lady who came to church
and wants to learn with her husband!! It is so amazing to see members
do missionary work! It is THE BEST way to do it! I could talk to 800
people and teach 20 lessons and get maybe a person to come to half a
meeting. But members can really make all the difference. It was a very
humbling experience indeed!
Right now our investigators are improving slowly, but improving!! Love
them all so much. Sometimes it is frustrating when they can't see how
the gospel can bless their lives, but they will see. And I just hope I
can be a tool in that process!!
But I guess one of the biggest excitements is preparing our recent
converts to go to the temple trip on the 20th! We are so excited and
it has been a long journey for some of them, but it is also the best
to watch these people change! The 14 year old boy who got baptized in
April passed the sacrament to me last week, and we are going to get
that young man to the temple for sure! He has been such a blessing to
his family, and I can't wait to watch them get sealed in the temple
for time and all eternity! What a blessing indeed the gospel is. Even
through times of trial, happiness, and every moment in between. We can
always turn to a loving Heavenly Father who will help us. Even if all
we need is a hug :)
I know that this church is true. And although I am not great at
sharing the gospel or teaching or Japanese. I am great! And I can
help. I know Christ is our Savior. And that we are being guided by Him
through a living prophet! Best Church Ever!!!
Sister Johnson

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