Monday, February 1, 2016

Blog: Transferring

This week was quite an eye opener for me. It started off really great. And like every other week has its ups and downs. First off, I would like to let everyone know I am transferring to Kumamoto, and am so excited, but extremely sad. Transferring always brings a broken heart, which breaks open to allow more love to fill it in. 
This week we had a really cool miracle. A new family just showed up at our eikaiwa. The Frank family. We actually don't know their last name, but we know the dads name is frank. Yes, he is from America. And he has 5 beautiful half children. And guess what, he wants his kids to learn the deeper meaning behind morals by learning about Jesus Christ! Although I will not be here to see it, I am so excited for my companion Lai-shimai and her new companion to teach them. To be honest, when the mission president called me, I felt really down-trodden... (I really couldn't think of any other word). Because I felt like I had not loved the people here enough and had done nothing for them. Then I heard the small voice in my head whisper, you can never love them enough. Which sounds so depressing, but isn't it so true. As being mortal in this life everything is full of limitations. But the things that matter the most, the things that truly have worth, have no limit. They are eternal and no matter how much we have it will not be enough. God and Christs love is unlimited to us too, always, when we choose to accept it and let it fill our lives. And although I am not sure what will come of my work in Kurume, but I know that my love can continue to grow for these people, and God`s love will always be here. So is it really so hard to leave the ones we love in the trust of the one who infinitely loves them. Of course it is, but I know I can do it with full purpose of heart because I love God. And He loves me even more. Important lesson learned. Hopefully I don't have to learn it again. 
I hope you all know I love you too. And next time I email it will be among my other brothers and sisters in Kumamoto, whom I love. :)
I hope January treated you well and cold! Cant believe it`s February already. Love you all!!!
Sister Johnson

This monk we found in the snow and stopped him and took a picture. His umbrella was broken. Haha only in Japan

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