Saturday, February 13, 2016

Blog: Happy Valentines

 This week was pretty crazy. We were on splits for most of it. So on
Monday we had p-day and mostly just walked around this giant shopping
center and ate McDonald's :)
Then Monday night Sato shimai (STL companion) went up to the Kumamoto
apartment and stayed the night so we could go up to MLC on Tuesday. We
took a really early bus up to honbu and had such a great meeting, but
my mind is so scrambled I will have to look at my notes to know what
we actually talked about, haha! But it was so great.
Then Wednesday Sato shimai and I mostly did planning, then we had
Eikaiwa that night which started out super awkward, but then ended up
being great! We played this game where we drew clothes on these model
people, haha.
Then Wednesday we had zone meeting, where Sato shimai and I talked
about Hope and activities :) Love learning about the Christlike
attributes. Then we went and ate indo curry! It's tradition!
Then this weekend we had some lessons and mostly dendo which went so
good. We are teaching these three Chinese friends, and sometimes it is
hard to get them to focus, but we watched the Hope of God's light and
it was super silent and they were still kind of joking around and
teasing each other but they answered the questions more seriously and I
could see the spirit working in them, and that was amazing. Then we
had another investigator who we made a baptismal date with, but it
turns out she lives in the other sisters area, so we passed her and
she came to church!! Yay!! Then I got a little sick Sunday but
slept it off and dendoed that night. It was super great week! Hope you
all have a wonderful Valentines day!!!!
Sister Johnson

Kumamoto zone!! I wish I knew all their names so I could tell you
:) Ganbarimasu! (stanger nelson, delapaz, ishizu, young, hassel,
ngatai, connett, spencer, gorski, tofu, proudfoot. Sisters\ masters,
me, weller, sato, parmley, burnside, beautichofer, white)

Our zone again :)

Our zone again!!

Only half our zone...

Our Eikaiwa classes beautiful drawings :) The topic was clothing

Sister Masters first blackthunder ice cream

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