Monday, February 29, 2016

 Blog: Leap Year

This week was kind of a blur. We didn't have a ton of lessons so we
did A LOT of finding, but it was actually really great we saw some
really cool miracles! We talked to so many people particularly the
first half of the week since we didn't have any lessons until  Friday.
We actually did have one Monday but she ended up dropping us that
lesson. So we packed up our Book of Mormons and set out to find Gods
elect! And we knocked, and knocked, and knocked. And weren't able to
make return appointments. Met a lot of nice people, but it's Japan
they're all nice people (mostly). Then Friday we invited two of our
investigators to be baptized. One was very confused and the other said
she couldn't decide right now. Nooo! So Saturday we had junkais,
splits, and Sister Beautichofer (spelling?) and I went high into the
mountain of Kumamoto and on our way met a wonderful young Mom who made
a return appointment!! Then on Sunday my companion (who was very sick)
and I went and dendoued and we found Steve who is an athiest, and
wants proof of God. So we are bringing him an English Book of Mormon
next Sunday :D! Then that night we had a shokuji at the Semba family
who just got called to a service mission that day to the next area to
be part of the branch presidency. She made us pizza and shared so many
stories of how the gospel has helped their lives. They are truly a
couple who relies on God and have seen so many blessings because of
it. It was so good! And the pizza was so good! That was pretty much
this week. Sunday we also read one of my favorite talks by
President Uchtdorf "Summer with Aunt Rose". We met a lady on the
street who was 83 and the genkiest (enegetic) lady I have ever met and she was
talking to us, not much about the gospel, mostly about her rich
grandchildren and hot springs. But then she said something that
reminded me of Summer with Great Aunt Rose talk she said, "The secret
to my genkiness isn't in anything that I eat, or exercise it is all in
the heart. Humans are all about the heart." And hit me so hard. We
face so many challenges and happy times, but if we don't let joy,
hope, and faith direct and guide our lives we can never trust in God,
who is a God of joy, hope, and faith. I hope you all look at the
pathway you're walking in life right now. I hope it is filled with
bright colors, and peaceful sounds. We can choose to be happy
eventually, or be happy now. Even in snowy mountains, and pouring
rain, God's hand is in it all.
Happy leap year everybody!!!! Thank the crazy lady!!! She also told us
she goes on walks with her Mom. Yes, her Mom. She is a 104 year old
lady in Hiroshima, haha!!!
Sister Johnson

Us taking a selfie at the Semba's house. Masters shimai, me,
connett chourou, spencer chourou, semba shimai, semba kyoudai

Us by the ume tree in bloom :)

Sister Beautachofer shimai and I on splits

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