Sunday, January 24, 2016

Hey all you people! 
This week was pretty good, filled with cleaning, which will be what today mostly consists of as well! Ya for cleaning in the cold!!! It`ll be great once it actually is clean. Anyways, this week we went to district meeting and it was awesome we learned about being the best missionary we could be and we took the Christ like attribute test which was SUCH an eye opener. If your a missionary or not a missionary go to the PMG chapter 6 to the end and it has like a Christ-like attributes test. It is interesting to check the results. I sure learned a lot. This week was mostly spend doing the regular things such as finding, planning, and our various activities. And we had a few miracles and challenges as well.
We taught one of our investigators who used to have a baptismal date and last week challenged him to pray if God was there or not. He said he did and didn`t get an answer but it was okay because he already knew God was there. Then after the lesson he said he actually didn`t ask because he was afraid he wouldn`t get an answer. So we will have to see how that goes. 
And our other investigator wasn`t able to meet because she got sick. But she said she is reading the Book of Mormon little by little.
Then we had a cool miracle yesterday we were out dendouing, we took a train to go visit a less active and shared a short message and he didn`t want to pray at the end. Which was a bit awkward then I prayed in English (because he is American) and that prayer was awkward too because I forgot how to pray in english! Haha! So we started to dendo and it was WAY cold and rainy, but we talked to everyone, and we met this way cool girl named Mao. She was 14 (she looked 20) and we shared a quick message about the purpose of life and made a return appointment, she was way cool! Overall it was a pretty good week. Nothing too out of the crazy and normal, which is nice sometimes. 
I hope you are all having a great January, time is flying by so quickly!!!
Sister Johnson

A member (Nakagawa shimai) cut Lai shimais hair after church on Sunday

Shout out to hermana debuck, and all you other Star Wars fans!!

We found this good English sign and took a junkai picture! Me and whitworth shimai. I am pretty sure this quote is from mulan.

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