Sunday, February 28, 2016

Dear people of the Americas!! This week was really crazy! First off to
start the week we made a goal to teach 20 lessons this week. Which
before we averaged about 7 a week. We called members, we looked
through less active books, we planned totsuzen lessons. And....
through the mercies of God and the atonement of Jesus Christ we made
it!!!! The last lesson we were scrambling around all day yesterday to
find, we taught a lot of totsuzen lessons but couldn't make return
appointments from them so they didn't count as lessons. So finally we
decided to visit the only close member to our apartment about 15
minutes before we had to go home. We knocked on her door... nothing.
So we started heading back decided to knock on her neighbors door. And
lo and behold she walks right out of the elevator!! God really pushes
to the end. I can definitely testify of that, but he always helps us
grow and see miracles and I can also testify of that!
We had some really good lessons this week as well. We have these three
friends from China that we are teaching. We taught them the message of
the restoration and I can tell mae yori mo..(more than before?) that
they have a stronger belief and testimony of God. We are trying to
help them find a stronger desire to want to learn more about this
message right now. So I am going to try and write down my testimony
about things so I can promise more specific blessings and they can
understand how it will bless their life.
We also taught Kiyomi-san who is this older woman with a handicapped
daughter. Her life has been a bunch of ups and downs until this point.
And she doesn't have a lot of confidence, but she has a desire to learn
more and to have that faith. And we are really going to try and help
her gain that faith! We were able to visit her twice, and finally able
to enter into her home instead of just teaching her outside, which was
Also funny story this week. We were housing and ran into this
obaa-chan (old woman) and we could not understand a word she was
saying (Old people Japanese sounds a lot different than most peoples
Japanese). But she invited us into her home, and we found out that she
could barely walk, so we spotted her over to her couch where she just
like flopped down and she talked forever!! She asked where we lived
like 6 times and kept telling us her age which gradually got larger.
So she is somewhere between the age of 83-90 we think. And when she
talked some food came out of her mouth and landed on my companions
cheek. We couldn't stop our laughter, we are terrible people. But she
was super cute and although her timing wasn't in this life, I really
felt God's love for her.
This week has been a faith builder and a miracle manifester. I hope
you all know that you can't save a single person. Not a single one.
But I also hope you know that God takes care of His children, ALWAYS.
And I hope you understand that you need to be better than you are to
help people to reach a potential of being better than they were :)
I love being a missionary and I know this work is true!! Eat some
Chocolate on sale!!!
Sister Johnson

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