Sunday, July 26, 2015

Blog:New President
So this week was a very exciting week. I went on splits for the second
time in my whole mission, and it kind of made me nervous at first, but
then it was just wonderful. And we got to meet our new mission
president! Who is the BEST!!! Him and his wife seem way awesome and I
had a great first interview with both of them. They are really great
people, and am excited to continue my mission with them. I, of course,
miss our last mission president, but we will work hard to continue his
So this week we had some ups and downs. The first half consisted of
meetings and such. We also got to go shopping with one of our recent
converts who was re-activated in May, and will be going with us to the
temple on the 20th. I am SO EXCITED!!! This does however mean that I
won't be able to write this next week. We will be taking a bus at 4:30
to go to Fukuoka. It will be our whole district going on this trip. So
we will just party it up on the bus, and then all pass out on the way
back. But I am way excited to go to the temple with all of our recent
converts!! I will let you know how that goes the next p-day.
But yes, I got to go on splits with one of my best friends from the
MTC Wilkinson shimai! We just had the best times on junkais, I love
that girl to pieces. And she is an amazing STL! This week we also got
to teach quite a few lessons, but for some reason they were all on one
day. We had like 5 lessons on Friday, it was tiring. But when the day
was over I realized that, Yes, this is missionary work. We are called
to teach and preach. I look forward to the day when missionaries have
so many lessons to teach that there is no time to find. Because
although finding is important, if the members find so much so that we
only have time to teach. I cannot even imagine how many people will
come into the fold of God. It's every missionaries dream, I'm tellin'
ya. But the lessons went some awesome, some lesser so. So one of our
investigators told us that she doesn't really have any interest
anymore. But she still wants to come to Eikaiwa, so maybe one day she
will realize that there is more to life than learning English, haha!
Then we had another investigator tell us that she wanted to work hard
to receive baptism! We are planning on setting a date with her this
week. I really think she is prepared and can be baptized soon. We just
have to pray that she continues to remember why she is taking the
lessons and who is always on her side to help her. But she is awesome!
Then we had some typhoons coming up this weekend. So one of them
missed us for the most part. But the other one I think is hitting
right now. On our way to the church it was like zero rain and the
church is only 5 minutes from our apartment. But then all of a sudden.
Pouring rain!!! We couldn't go another two blocks before we were
soaked so we had to pull over and put on our rain suits and continue.
It was pretty crazy. Like hitting a wall of rain. Craziness. But
interesting, my first typhoon. But yes that was our week. Things
happened, but it all just seems normal. But I am learning things
everyday and just loving the things that I am learning, even if they
are hard sometimes, haha. But God gave us weaknesses to be recognized.
So try and face that inner monster and then beat it! That is my advice
for this week. Love you all!
Sister Johnson

Our recent convert who is going to the temple with us!

Ping Pong night. Everyone ready for action!

When we went shopping with our recent convert they told me i looked like someone that came from a previous Japanese era, and then we found this picture. It's the spitting image of what I look like dendouing.

              A time lapse of our ping pong night. As you can see I didn't do much moving, haha!

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