Sunday, July 26, 2015

 Blog: Temple Trip

So this week was kind of crazy. I would tell you about last week as
well, but to be honest I don't remember much about it. Because this
week we were able to go to the temple!!! How much I love the temple,
and the peace you can find there. We took a huge bus with the branch
which was way fun, and we did like a Kagoshima-ben quiz thing and I
had no idea what was going on. I was just saying words in English that
rhymed with whatever they were saying. But ya it was just the best.
Then this week we had quite a few appointments fall through, but we
have this lady right now with a baptismal date who cancelled on us,
but then she rescheduled for the same day and we were able to teach
her an awesome lesson on the law of chastity and the word of wisdom.
She has some troubles with the word of wisdom, but we are confident
that she will be able to overcome her challenges!
We also had the great opportunity to visit a less active to lives kind
of far away. Some members were able to get in contact with her and
then asked if she would be willing to meet with the sister
missionaries as well. And she said YES! We were there for like 5
hours!!!! It was crazy! Very long, but we were able get in a message
and she really opened up. She is still unsure if she can come back to
church or not, but she said she would come to eikaiwa which is way
Then we had some pretty cool miracles yesterday. We were housing and
people were home, but nobody seemed to be answering. So we decided to
switch up the area where we were dendouing and try and move further up
this hill to some danchi's (lots of big apartments that look the
same). And we ran into this lady who apparently received baptism like
20 years ago! It was kind of late so we weren't really able to talk to
her, but she gave us like a bunch of drinks from her fridge which was
nuts! Then we ran into this other lady who knew who we were because
she had gone to our English class like 20 or 30 years ago. It was kind
of a crazy night, but way awesome! We also got to meet one of our
potential investigators and teach him a small lesson on prayer. He
seemed skeptical, but we said a prayer with him which was pretty cool.
He still seemed skeptical and weird about it, but we got a few laughs
from him as well.
All in all a really awesome week full of cool miracles! We got to see
all of our recent converts go to the temple! We even got to watch one
of them receive baptisms for the dead! The spirit was so strongly
there and smiling upon her. I could just feel it! It was the BEST
experience! The temple is truly the Lords house and He abides there
and I felt His love and comfort so strongly, just love the temple. If
you haven't gone this week, GO!!!! That's all I gotta say about that.
We also had a small typhoon yesterday, my first typhoon! It as really
small and not the real deal apparently, or so people tell me. But I
will keep my eyes peeled for some stronger winds in weeks to come :)
It was an awesome week. I know that this church is true without a
doubt. Trials may come, I may question why a lot, but I know that in
the end that the Lord has a plan and I am trying my best to figure out
what that is, haha! But now more than ever I know that the Lord loves
all His children and He has restored the church through Joseph Smith.
And that through Christ anyone can receive forgiveness of any sin they
have committed, and always be comforted in trials and know that they
can and will receive eternal life if they turn towards their Savior!
Church is true my friends. Missions are hard, fun, and awesome, but
hard. However, the person I was before and the person I am now have
been worth every single day! Love you all!!! Enjoy the last bit of
your summer! That went by FAST!!!!

Sister Johnson

Our recent converts surprise birthday party! Who we also had the great pleasure of watching her receive baptisms for the dead! She is awesome!

Us and our awesome selfies on the bus!

Our member who wears an old missionary helmet and goes biking around! She love the missionaries and Gods work!

We heart attacked a members door! For his birthday!

Us at the temple!!!!

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