Monday, July 13, 2015

 Blog: Eternal Families

Well this week is going to be short, because I ran out of time. But we
had a lot of really cool experiences this week. We decided to focus on
teaching everyone about eternal families. People on the street,
lessons, everybody. And the response was absolutely fantastic! It is
so crazy that to me it is so normal, and that so many people don't
know about this absolutely wonderful blessing!!!!! Families really can
be together forever! and what a wonderful blessing it is!
But ya, we also set some pretty high goals for this month. And we had
a goal yesterday to get at least one person to church. And it happened
in a way I wouldn't have thought possible. So that lady that suddenly
dropped us and told us to delete her number showed up on Saturday and
told us that she wanted to go to church tomorrow. What the?!? She said
that since she dropped us that her life hasn't been going as she
planned and I think she wants to take the lessons again, but I think
we will have to set out some expectations and things to make sure we
aren't wasting her time, but helping her receive her own greater
blessings. But ya it was really cool to see how God helped us
accomplish our goals. When we work hard we really can see the fruits
of our labors. Then we had a harder totsuzens that night with this
lady who said she wants to change, but doesn't believe in God and
never will because of some hard experiences. She told us that as we
talked to her that she also didn't feel anything as well. Even though
I felt like I was really trying to testify from the heart and help us
all feel the spirit, her heart was hardened and didn't want to feel
the spirit. And the spirit cannot enter the heart unless we let him.
So it was a really frustrating experience, but I learned a lot. And we
also saw that her daughter behind her was listening quite intently,
and didn't do the usually laugh and walk away. So we prayed and picked
up some extra courage and went back and knocked on her door again.
  Re-offering her the flyer and asking if her daughter had any interest,
knowing that the mom didn't. She seemed even more angry, haha! But I
walked away knowing I did everything I could and all that the lord has
asked of me. I walked away letting go of those feelings of
frustration, and absolutely no regret. Because I think no matter what
I would've said, she wasn't willing nor ready to change. She lacked
the real intent. You can say you want to change all you want, but
until you do something about it, then the Lord will help. People only
learn when THEY are ready to learn. It was a very humbling and cool
experience. Gotta love the mission!!!! But yes, I know that this
church is true, without a doubt. I see Gods hand in my life everyday,
and know that this is his true church. And that there are so many
things he has wanted me to learn from coming out here. And I have
learned a lot, and learn more everyday. Oh how my testimony has
grown!!!!! Watch out Japan, the church is coming to you!!!!!

Sister Johnson

Croutons in my ice cream!

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