Thursday, April 9, 2015

The giant okonomiyaki we ate! It was huge!

The sakura tree`s are starting to bloom here in paradise :)

So this week we did a lot of dendou. Since like more than half our investigators moved we have had a lot of time freed up. And so now we are basically doing a lot of finding and looking for investigators. Which can be quite difficult at times. I would also be quite apprehensive if two foreigners came up to me and asked me about my religious beliefs. But you meet some really nice and prepared people because of it, so dendou is pretty fun! We haven`t found that diamond in the rough yet, but we`ll keep looking!
But yep, this week we had district meeting which went super well. And afterwards we ate Okonomiyaki (cabbage/seafood/pancake very delicious) it was at least twice the size of my face. Very delicious.
We were also able to teach a Less Active this week who came to the branch meeting on Sunday, and although she fell asleep she did tell us that she realizes the good influence church has on her. Unfortunately she didn`t wake up yesterday morning and didn`t come to church. But we`ll get her next time!
Then we started teaching our investigator the commandments, she seems like she really wants to follow the prophet and get her own answer for herself whether it is true or not. Which is awesome, I love how she always decides to find out if it is true for herself. That is how I know it is her true conversion. She also wasn`t able to come to church though because she got sick :( But hopefully we will see her this week and teach her.
Then on Sunday they asked the missionaries to teach a combined relief society and priesthood lesson. I think it went pretty well. We didn`t have a lot of time to plan but with the spirit we made it through. Which is also what we taught on! In order to understand those promptings from the spirit we need to build a relationship. Because the spirit is the most important part of anyone's missionary work. Whether it be a full-time or a member. Which is basically just doing the basics. Reading scriptures, praying, fasting, obedience. It really got me thinking that I really wasn`t good at those before my mission and is definitely something that I want to take back with me when I get home. Definitely developed better study habits here! Anyways that`s all i have for this week!
Thank you so much for all the prayers on my and our investigators behalf! I have definitely seen blessings that come through depending on our Savior and hope to do Him proud!
Anyways hope you have a good week!
OH! WAIT! I forgot to tell this crazy story! It actually happened like two weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to tell it. So we were riding our bikes to the train station and were crossing the street on our bikes and this old woman just like fell almost right on my bike. Because she was so close to my bike I kind of ran her over. But the lady was just unconscious in the middle of the street! I got off my bike and ran over to the lady. I didn`t want to move her not knowing where she was hurt or anything. But the lady was out. Then we saw blood coming from her head and told someone to call an ambulance. My companion went and grabbed a towel. Then she finally started to move. And I was like, hallelujah! She`s not dead! But ya, then a close by hotel brought a wheel chair over and we just sat there holding this towel against her head that was still bleeding and waiting for the ambulance. It was crazy! There are too many old people out and about. I can`t look at old ladies the same. But ya, that is my crazy story.

-Johnson Shimai

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