Monday, April 27, 2015

 Blog: Baptism

So this week was AMAZING! We had our very first baptism. It was the 13 year old boy that I told you had started his lessons the week before. He was so prepared by the Lord and his family was very excited to see him get baptized. I think it also helped the Dad want to get baptized more as well, so such a miracle indeed.
But this week we did some finding and we had an awesome experience. So unfortunately I caught a bit of a cold. I think it was from the new elder who just came from the MTC. But we didn`t have a P-day last week since we went to the temple just this last Saturday. And I was very determined to go out and work, even if it killed me. Which it almost did, haha. But don`t worry I feel a million times better. And the Lord blessed me while we were working and we found two new investigators! They were both very nice and we made return appointments for this week, but we were suddenly informed that we had more ipad training meetings so we wouldn`t be able to go at our scheduled times. But we left them notes in their mail boxes and they emailed us back saying that we could visit again and one made a return appointment for Friday. Such a blessing indeed!
This week we also had a miracle where we decided to go out and dendo. We picked this neighborhood and then it started pouring rain. And my companion didn`t bring a coat and neither one of us brought umbrella`s so we were huddling in an apartments garage parking. We checked to see if the rain would let us, and the weather report said that there was 30% chance of rain today. So we were like more like 100% chance it is already raining. So we waited and decided to pray. So after we said a prayer we decided to run to this little shop that we saw earlier. So we ran out from our shelter into the rain and almost immediately the rain stopped. I guess the Lord just needed us to take a leap of faith in order to receive the blessings. Such an awesome experience.
We also got to go to the temple this week, which was AWESOME!! Love the temple so much! I definitely took advantage of having one 5 minutes from my house. Because we had to drive 5 hour to get there, but it was way fun still. We just chilled with the elders and some members. And the temple was amazing. I had the headphones on for the English translation, but I actually understood some of the Japanese session as well, which was way cool! The temple is such a blessed place. And it is one of my favorite things to tell investigators about. They always seems so excited and amazed by the temple. It really has shown me that I took a lot for granted while it was readily available to me. I hope you all reading this decide to take a trip to the temple sometime this week, because real happiness and blessings are found in the house of the Lord :)
Then after that we were able to go to see this artist named seiji who makes shadow art. He creates all these layers and makes shadows out of paper and creates the coolest art stuff! I wish I could show you pictures cause it was just amazing. The guy has real talent, diligence, and hard work. I loved going to the art show. So basically it was just the best P-day ever!
Well that`s all for this week. The Lord`s hand is really pushing this work forward. And as a missionary I have found many, many, MANY areas I want to improve on both now and in the future. But this life is all about learning and improving. And I am so grateful for this chance to learn and grow like never before! The Lord numbers us all and knows our needs, this I can testify is true. I hope you all have a miracle filled week!
Me sleeping on our way back from the temple. My head looks really small for some reason, haha!

The artist came to his gallery and walked through the front area, it was hard to take a picture so it`s a bit blurry

THE BAPTISM! Kashiwa, me, shotaro, beer, and ratzlaf

Us on the way to the temple! (Beer, Ratzlaff, Me, and Kashiwa)

The baptism continued. Members who helped in his conversion and his family and also some random members that jumped into the picture. It was a good time!

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