Saturday, March 21, 2015

Blog: Witness of the Spirit

So today I don`t have a lot of time to email, but we had some pretty awesome miracles this week.

I`m going to start off with yesterday, because it was amazing. Ah-meh-zing. Oh, by the way we have another baptismal date. This girl is the best. Let me tell you why. So she is actually a referral from another investigator. Unfortunately we haven`t been able to meet with him since that lesson, but we`ve met with his friend like 3 times after that. And she asks the best questions. Some I can`t even answer because she is very smart and I don`t understand everything from the scriptures, haha, whoops! But the last lesson we taught her about the plan of salvation and asked her if she thought it was true. She said she wasn`t sure, but it makes sense to her and she thinks it would be awesome if it was. All throughout her lessons she was asking some really awesome questions, but we kind of felt like we were lacking the spirit as we taught and it was making sense in her head, but she wasn`t feeling it in her heart. So this week we really focused on Faith in Christ. We watched the DVD and just bore testimony of who Christ was as a person and who He is to us today. And she just cried. Her tears wouldn't stop. It was AWESOME! Like 10 minutes of non-stop tears, she told us she feels like she is not alone now. And oh, it was just awesome, the spirit was so strong!

Then we taught a lesson before that to a girl who we have actually known for a long time, but recently started taking the lessons. I think I`ve talked about her before, she has come to church for like a month, but is moving to Tokyo next week so this was our last lesson with her. She also asks awesome questions, but it seemed she was lacking a spiritual experience and was just learning for curiosities sake. But our last lessons again I really tried to focus on the spirit to bear the truth. I prayed and prayed that he would bear witness of our testimony and the testimony of the members. And through out the lesson she was taking notes on the steps to repentance, and she was really trying to take in what we were teaching. Then we watched the ``He is the reason`` video and after that the spirit really entered the room. Of course, I cried. And she didn`t, but she came close! I could just really tell that she was feeling the spirit. Just the look on her face you could tell something changed inside her. She also said she will meet with the missionaries in Tokyo! They best be ready for an awesome investigator to come their way!

But yep that`s all I really have time for. We also helped a ward member clean up her house to get ready to move and found a secret side street, and pretty sure we saw big foot. And also went to a professional Japanese basketball game, which was pretty awesome! 

Just want to let you know I love you all! And will continue to work hard in Japan!

Johnson Shimai
The secret tunnel we found while walking in the mountains to a members house.

Us at the basketball game! (Me, Kashiwa, Asako, and elder Bailey)

Me with the cheerleaders. They have accepted me as their leader.

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