Monday, April 20, 2015

 Blog: Easter Week

So this week has been both crazy and not really. Well actually just today was really crazy. It`s transfer P-Day! And I`m staying here in Taniyama with my same comp. We`ll be going on three transfers son!
But anyways this week we`ve been running around cause of Easter, one of the elders investigators got baptized and just a bunch of finding. We have had a lot of finding time lately. We`ve have been able to teach so many people on the street and we are getting God`s word out there :) The only problem is Japanese people are very busy so it is very difficult to make return appointments. But of course the path doesn`t end there so we continue on until we find a heart of Zion!
Also we were able to make another baptismal date! Our zone had an Easter goal of two baptismal dates per companionship. And to be honest I didn`t think we would have been able to get two, but I kept the hope and my companion told me we would so I put it up to the Lord. And of course he delivered. She is a former investigator, and a very funny lady! She cracks me up. Her understanding is really difficult and when we watched the YW broadcast she said her head hurt afterwards. As did mine, not quite that far up on my Japanese. But she said that she wanted to work towards being baptized again. So we will take it slowly with her. And of course our other investigator is just amazing. We have become closer friends and I can see the light of Christ blooming inside of her heart. It`s the craziest thing ever!
This week was just good. And i realized that as we tried to accomplish the Easter Goal, I think it is the hardest I have ever worked on my mission. Which just reminded me how important very specific goals are. Sometimes it is hard on a mission because there are so many goals you could do, and it`s hard to just focus on one. But when you find a goal prayerfully you know God will follow up on His end. So gonna try and find a new dream, I mean goal :) 
That`s pretty much all for this week. Gonna keep trying to listen to the Spirit, but sometimes the only answer I get is go to work. It`s easier for the Lord to direct moving feet! Thank you for all the prayers in my behalf. Hope you all had a fantastic conference and Easter!


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