Monday, March 2, 2015

 Blog: Follow the Promptings of the Spirit

So this week was pretty long. Week before transfers! Haven`t gotten my call yet, but pretty sure I am staying here in lovely Taniyama.
But this week was pretty eventful, even though for some reason it doesn`t feel that way. 
So our investigator that had a baptismal date just finished her big test! Because of said test we weren`t able to teach her this week, but hopefully this upcoming week we can meet her. But even though she was crazy busy (studying from 5:00am to 10:00pm) she still read some of the BoM and is still keeping the WoW. She is amazing really. And we also made a new baptismal date, which is awesome!
We also found two new investigators this week! What a miracle and blessing! So here`s the story:
We went housing at this neighborhood on top of a mountain! It was terrible, too steep to ride our bikes so we had to walk them :) Yay for mountains! And we got some pretty hard kekko`s (no thank you`s). Needless to say we were pretty tired by the end. So we rode our bikes all the way back down the mountain and went to the church to prepare for English class and we streeted on the way back. Still no takers. Then I got this feeling to stop and talk to this one girl, I was pretty tired and really didn`t want to, which is means that I absolutely HAVE to. So I did and she became a new investigator! Something that I have learned very strongly is that the blessings usually come after the trial of our faith. To be honest, in Utah I didn`t really have much opportunity to have a trial of my faith. I was surrounded by good friends, family, and my situation was more than great. But how grateful I am to have the opportunity to serve a mission and grow so much!! The mission field can be hard, but it`s only the good/weird times I remember. Such a blessing.
The second investigator we met was actually the daughter of a current investigator. The one mentioned before whom we were having a hard time teaching, then watched the Faith in Christ video. Her daughter is really nice and super awesome! She told us that she wanted to come to church. So she did. And afterwards, she said that it wasn`t scary and that she is curious and wants to know more. Which we are happy to oblige! We will meet her again this week and I will let you know how it goes. 
Then to top off our week the elders had an investigator get baptized! It was a way awesome experience and my first baptismal service I have attended in a long time. The spirit was so strong and we all knew he was making the right choice. The Elders were super nervous, but all went well :)

Well that`s all I really have for this week. Enjoy the rest of your February! I can`t believe it`s almost march!!! Gah!!

Johnson shimai
Us at one of the members houses for FHE. We played a super fun game! It was awesome! Like Poker/signs

District picture before tenkin calls

Us at Ikeda-kyoudai`s baptism! He has his eyes closed in the other picture we took too, haha!

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