Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Kashiwa shimai bowling! Haha, she kept telling me to stop taking pictures, but obviously I did not listen.

The whole group of us bowling

More bowling pictures (elder zimmerman, beer, hyde, and... I forget the last elders name... he`s new, and nozomi (investigator), and me and Kashiwa shimai!)

This really freaky baby doll we found outside of someone`s house.

And us eating cake from a member! Yeah members! Yeah cake!
 Blog: Staying Put
So this week we went bowling on Pday! It was pretty fun. I lost the first time, but then beat everyone the next time. And one of the elders bowled 140 with his left hand! It was really fun!
But yep, can`t believe I`m already a third transfer, that came about quite quickly. But the mission is way exciting and I stayed in the same area, which is nice. Transferring only after one transfer is a bit rough, so it`s good that I`ll be getting to know my companion and the ward and area better :)
But this week it rained, a lot. But we were still able to get around and do quite a bit of stuff so that`s good. We didn`t have as many lessons this week as we had last week, but that gave us more time to find which was good.
But the lessons we did teach went pretty well. The first was to a member who struggles with faith. He finally decided to start reading the book of Mormon for the second time. And it seems he is enjoying it so far. But he still doesn`t want to pray. So the lesson just kept going around and around in circles as all the missionaries bore their testimony on the importance of prayer. And how we can receive our answers through prayer. But it didn`t seem like anything was entering his heart. The whole time I basically stayed silent, I had no idea what to say to him that would get through to him even slightly. So I kept saying little prayers and thinking about my own experiences and how my prayers have been answered and have strengthened my faith. So the lesson was about to close and I kept getting the prompting that I should say something. Then I suddenly remembered this small experience I had when I prayed to have my computer fixed, but in return I knew I had to do something. My faith was weak, but I told God that if he fixed my computer I would write in my journal everyday. So I did for a couple of days and yes indeed my computer was fixed! So I asked him to think about what he wants from God and what God wants from him in return. It seemed to spark some interest, so hopefully he really thinks on it this week and his heart can be softened and opened to prayer.
Then we had another lesson with a girl who we`ve known for a while and decided that one day she wanted to come to church. It seems it was more out of curiosity rather than soul searching but hey we`ve all gotta start somewhere. But, yep, did my first baptismal invite. She said no, haha! But that`s okay I to be honest I would`ve been surprised if she had said yes. But I decided to invite her anyways because at our zone conference meeting we are always encouraged to invite people to be baptized before the second lesson, so that they know kind of the purpose of teaching them lessons. But ya, I still love that girl like crazy! She is so nice and so smart. I think as she comes to understand more about the gospel and recognize the spirit she will start following the path Heavenly Father has laid out for her :).
We were able to meet some great people this week, and my teaching is getting better, little by little. But yep, that`s pretty much all folks. Hope you have a good one!


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