Sunday, March 8, 2015

Blog: Always Be Teaching

So this week was pretty eventful as far as teaching. It was a fantastic week!
So to start off our week on transfer P-day we were able to go to a members house and put on Kimonos for girls day. It was way fun! But super cold. Then we ate curry, tonkatsu, karage, and a bunch of other stuff. We were stuffed, beyond stuffed. But the food was so delicious so it was worth it!
Then we were able to teach our investigator with a baptismal date one last time before she goes to Nagasaki for a month. And she is just so ready for this gospel. We literally taught her all the commandments in three hours split between two lessons. We were praying strongly that things would go well. And it went better than well. She told us that she wanted to know if these things were true for herself and would try her hardest to follow all the commandments. She is seriously such a prepared daughter of God. Pray that all goes well in Nagasaki for her. We are wanting to do skype lessons and have the elders there visit her once or twice. But she is already prepared, if anything she has taught me more than I have taught her without a doubt!

We also had the chance to teach our young high school student investigator. He is also super prepared. For some reason whenever we teach him lessons we can`t explain it very well, but the spirit is strong with this one and he understands it in the end. And he said he really wants to know if these things are true by April, and if they are true he wants to get baptized. People who want to find the truth are just amazing! 

Then we taught our two Chinese investigators. It has actually been a while since we have seen them, because they went back to China for a month. We actually had only met one of them, but he said he wanted to bring his friend to his next lesson. And it was a day full of miracles!!! They asked super fantastic questions with true intention to know. And they are both so smart. They speak Chinese, Japanese, and English, so if I couldn`t explain it well in Japanese then I would switch to English. Which they actually liked because they are still wanted to work on their English! But it was just fantastic! And the friend wants to come to church! Seriously 金人 (golden).

We also taught a member who was baptized a long time ago, but struggles with the concept of faith. But last time he said he wanted to read the book of mormon again. And all before that he said he had read it but not received his confirmation, so I think he was a bit angry with God. And I also think he is nervous that if he reads it again he won`t receive that confirmation, but I know if he really tries his hardest and trusts in God his answer will come and his faith will grow stronger. But after the lesson in which he told us he wanted to try reading it again he told us he had opened the book but not read it. But this week he told us he read it! And he had some awesome questions and insight. He is seriously such a kind and considerate person. And his faith is strong he just needs to realize it!

We also taught two new investigators. One is a daughter of a current investigator. She told us that she has some interest in Christian churches. She has been coming to activities for a while, but after talking to a teacher at church who told her if she was curious to go and check it out, she came to church! Coincidence? Definitely not! We taught her about Christ and the restoration of the church and she was taking notes in her BoM next to scriptures we were sharing. I think she is still a bit hesitant about religion, but I know if she continues she will realize how happy the gospel can make her! And the second investigator was someone we met on the street. Unfortunately she doesn`t really like people, but she still came and we were able to teach her. She is very, very nice and does want to know if these things are true for herself. Japan is really just full of prepared people!

This last week was also transfer week. I will be staying here in Taniyama with my same companion Kashiwa Shimai, who is the greatest! She is seriously fantastic and we always have a good time! But one of the elders did transfer, which was sad, but he will continue the work elsewhere, so it is all good :)

Well that is pretty much my week. We saw so many miracles this week, and hope to see a lot more this transfer. The church is true!!!

Johnson Shimai
Me in my companion in our kimonos taking pictures outside. It was so cold!

All of us in front of the dolls they set out on girls day, it was so cool to look at!

We got to eat out with one of our investigators. Kind of awkward because we didn`t have a plan, but it was still really fun!

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