Sunday, February 22, 2015

 Blog: Valentines 2015

So this week was kind of crazy!
First of all we had the Whitely conference. Which required a three plus hour bus ride up to Kumamoto, but we got to stay with the sisters up there for a night, which was way fun. Six sisters crammed into one apartment :)! It was actually quite fun. And the conference was awesome I learned so much!
Then we had a lesson with our two so-so investigators. Lately they have really been struggling. But we prayed about them a lot this week as to what we should do for their next lesson. We decided to focus on Christ and watched the Faith in Christ DVD. One of them almost cried! It was fantastic! The spirit was so strong and the lesson definitely went a different direction. That`s what happens when you focus on what our church is all about!
Then we had an activity that we planned this week for valentines day. It went pretty good, except like nobody showed up, which was a let down, but we still had fun and ate a lot of chocolate! Then that night we got a text from our investigator with a baptismal date saying that she couldn`t come to church, which means she can`t get baptized this month. We were very sad, but we are still hopeful that she can make a new baptismal date and become an awesome member!
This week was also my companions birthday! Happy birthday Kashiwa Shimai! It was so funny though. Because the night before I made her favorite jello stuff, but she came out of the shower quickly so I took it off the stove and put it in the cupboards so she wouldn`t notice. (with an oven mitt under it so it wouldn`t set our apartment on fire) And after she went to bed I continued with the preparations! It was way fun, and she didn`t even notice, ha! Then that night for her birthday some of the YSA`s came and pied her in the face, it was excellent. They got whip cream all over. Good thing we had our apartment check that morning :). 
That night we also wanted to eat at her favorite restaurant, but we didn`t know which train station it was to get off. So, of course, we got off on a random one. But we were lead by the spirit and we were able to find the restaurant which was pretty good. 
Then on Sunday it was a branch presidency meeting, which is like a stake meeting. And it went so well. A lot of members showed up, and we had a huge jikushoukai ( Self Introduction) at the end. The food was SO good!
Then that night, quite the miracle occurred. We were heading to some apartments to house when we ran into an older woman who seemed way excited to talk to us. She said that she wanted to make an appointment with us but didn`t have her calendar with her. So of course she walked us to her house and invited us in and gave us delicious yogurt drinks. On the way to her house though, she said that usually she doesn`t go to that post office, since there is a closer one to her house. But today she just felt like she wanted to go to the post office we bumped into her at. Aw, yes, that `feeling`. And she kept saying, `wow what a coincidence that I went to that post office and ran into you sisters there.` Yes, what a `coincidence`. It was so awesome that we ran into her and she is way super nice. We are excited to go visit her again!

Well that`s all I have for this week! Love you all!

Sakurajima, the volcano constantly erupting by our area. This a picture of it from our grocery store :)

Kashiwa Shimai making pancake balls (they are actually super delicious) experimenting for our chocolate making activity .

Us on our way grocery shopping. Just a glimpse of my are :)

Valentines day is a pretty big deal in Japan. They had these awesome illusions all over the train station that we were at!

Us at the Kumamoto apartment with all the shimai before the whitely conference

A member in our ward is super good at drawing and does a portrait for each of the missionaries that come. Super talented.

Happy birthday Kashiwa!

Us at the miracle restaurant. Brought there by the spirit.

Us eating at a Cora 姉妹 house! It was temakizushi, so good!

Us all whip cream-effied

Two really cute kids in our ward. These two really like playing together, haha :)

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