Sunday, January 11, 2015

Blog: Happy New Year 2015!
Hey. It`s me! So this week was basically completely taken over by New Years. It`s like the biggest party in Japan. Except I have no idea what people do, and when I ask nihonjin they can`t really tell me either because they don`t know. But it was pretty hard to dendou this week because everyone said they were busy because of New Years. It`s like if someone came to your door on Christmas trying to preach Hinduism to you. It just didn`t really work out. But they were pretty polite about it for the most part. But because the streets are basically desolate on New Years and New Years eve we get invited to a lot of shokuji`s. On New Years eve we were invited to a mochi suki. Which is where they pound the rice and make it into mochi and then they eat it in warm sweet anko soup and they also have a big bowl of miso soup, too. It was really fun. Like half the ward came! It was great! But then as we were walking home this crazy lightning/rain/hail storm came out of nowhere and broke both mine and my comps umbrella`s. There was a lot of screaming and trying to duck for cover, but we made it home. Wet, but alive. It was a great new years eve! I know what question is really on your mind, though. Did we stay up until midnight? No. No we didn`t. But we did set an alarm for 11:59 and we all got up and gave each other high fives. But we didn`t tell my comp that we set an alarm so she was mad when she first woke up, haha! Then on New Years day we went to two members houses to eat.
There was a huge snow storm while we were riding our bikes to our first shokuji. It was crazy! But when we finally arrived we helped make it and then they like basically just watched us eat. When you eat at Japanese peoples houses they just basically shovel food into you until you look like you might explode. Don`t get me wrong it was super delicious, but we started off with like crepe wrap things (crepes, but with like meat and lettuce and stuff) and I had like 4 because we had to at least finish off the crepes. Then we had desert crepes. Then we had mugicha and snacks. We were there for like 5 hours! But it was really fun we played a Japanese card game with their son and read scriptures with them. But then we had to book it to our next appointment on our outrageously full stomachs and go and eat more food. Luckily this was with an american family so it was self serve and we had pizza, so it was good. We played card games at their house, too and that was way fun! But ya, that was basically new years for me :)
It's Snowing

Lunch on New Years with the Okumura`s

Us at the mochi making bowl! We arrived late so we didn`t get to hammer any, but cross your fingers for next year!

Us during the crazy rainstorm hiding under a building with our broken umbrellas! Me and Southworth Shimai

Eating Mochi balls. OISHI !

Brother Shiki who invited us over to the Mochi suki. He`s hilarious!
This week has also been awesome spiritually. It`s 2015! I can`t even believe it! But I am going to finish the Book of Mormon today, so I am super excited! Finished it in three months which is like the perfect amount of time to remember still what happened in past chapters, but I don`t feel like I have to read half of Alma in one day. And I think that through reading the Book of Mormon consistently I have received many other blessings. Like yesterday we had a less active who told us that she now gets two Sundays off a month and we told her to try and make some goals for the new year, and she said she wanted to make a goal to come to church this Sunday! It was so cool to see her make that goal herself! I know that the spirit works through many people in many different ways. I`m so excited to see the many miracles God has for Japan in 2015! I love the gospel and am thankful for the people who got me on a mission this past year! Have a great 2015 everyone!


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