Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas week!:

This week was literally so crazy that I can`t remember where I left off on my last blog! But thank goodness for journal writing. Really I am so grateful that I have kept a journal up until this point. Such a blessing that I got into the habit of journal writing before I came on my mission. 
But this week was Christmas week! It was so fun and exciting. On Tuesday night we had district meeting and then we sang at Honbu for another open house. And something that I have realized is that there is no reason for me to be scared of not being able to speak Japanese. Because Japanese people are usually so patient and nice. So I went up to a girl who was kind of standing off in the corner, and it was in all sense of the work awkward. But I trusted in the Lord that it would just go well. And we just chatted about her hobbies and stuff. I just threw out any question I knew how to say, and she answered and sounded like she was having a good time. Turns out she wasn`t a member but a members friend who came to the open house with her. So it was exciting to talk with her. She was so nice!
Then it was Christmas eve. We just rode our bikes around for three hours delivering cookies to some investigators and members who lived alone. It was so fun! I love riding my bike around, even if it is really awkward to stop and talk to people that way. But people usually stop because we have our bikes, so that`s awesome. We met with one of our investigators and her daughter for a little while before they were getting ready to go to a Christmas party. And her daughter gave me so many sticker! She is the cutest, though. And as we were riding away she watched us go until she couldn`t see us anymore! It was so cute! But we were able to set up another appointment with her Mom, and we were thinking of asking her to eat out with us so that she won`t be able to cancel this time. Hopefully she will feel genki enough to come and meet with us.
Another small miracle is we were looking for this members house. And we couldn`t find it. Because:
1. Japanese addresses are impossible to find, half the houses don`t even have addresses on them.
2. He apartment number wasn`t even written so even if we did find the building, we wouldn`t know which apartment to give the cookies to.
But right as we were thinking about what to do. We turned and she was coming up the street, which was so cool! So we gave her the cookies and she seemed so happy!
Then the next day I called my family which was awesome! Then we went and ate out with the missionaries and then watched frozen. Ya, like the Disney movie. It was so weird, But fun. Then we went and looked at the lights and met a lot of crazy people. But it was fun. And we found a place that had a snow machine! So there was all this fake snow around and we had a snowball fight! It was super fun!
So Christmas was basically just awesome. We also met a new investigator and set up an appointment, but she didn`t show up so that was sad. But then we met another girl who said she would meet us again on the street that we met her on her way to work. So hopefully we can meet with her again. 
It`s pretty hard to meet with people now because of new years. Which is the biggest holiday in Japan. But we will continue to look for those people who aren't busy and can meet with us and continue to work on the people we have already found. 
I`ve also just finished Helamen in the BoM and am going to try and finish it before the year is up. 3 day reading dash! Wish me luck! And Have a Happy new year everyone! 
Love from japan,
Fancy restaurant we ate at with a less active and his girlfriend.

us on the Ferris wheel

Us on Christmas in our matching pajamas, haha! That`s about sums up our companionship!

Us walking around looking at the lights. And photo bombed by some elders.

Looking at more lights

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