Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week: Lots Of Craziness

This week was pretty crazy. When I was reading back in my journal to remember the beginning of this week, I thought some of those events happened last week. Craziness.

Anyways this week was really crazy. Full of fantastic and less fantastic experiences. On a mission, or life in general, it always seems to happen that way. So anyways on Monday we decided to visit an investigator who wasn`t home, but his Mom answered the door. She was like hysterical and crying. She told us that her Mom had just passed away that day. We just didn`t know what to do. She kept apologizing, crying, and then she would stop crying. In the end she wanted to be alone so we prayed outside her house and cried together. We tried visiting her again a couple of days later but they weren`t home. So we left notes, hopefully something touched her heart. She really needs to hear about the plan of salvation so that she can know that she can meet her Mom again. 

The rest of the week was also crazy. We did a lot of housing. Hardly anyone would listen then somehow at the end we would always find someone who would seem somewhat interested or very. We found a high school girl who we made an appointment with next month and this young family. Now to be honest, I really thought they were going to reject us. But he listened keenly and was totally fine with us stopping by the next week. It was awesome! Went super smoothly! And a young family is really someone we wanted to teach! So that was great. Young people are the greatest, I think most of them understand that there is a greater power and i feel like their hearts are more open to the gospel. 

Then on Saturday we had a really busy day scheduled. Four lessons planned. It was going to be great, except everyone cancelled. Everyone but this 20 year old college student. It was our first time having a lesson with her and she was an hour late so we thought maybe she wasn`t coming. But she did and the lesson went awesome! We asked her to get baptized in March and if she thought what we were teaching her was true. And she was like, ya I do, and yes I will. But March was going to be busy for her so she wanted to do it earlier. Earlier?! I was surprised, but pleasantly so. She is kind of busy though and needs to attend these next couple sacrament meeting in order to meet her baptismal date. But I know with the Lords help it will all come to pass according to his plan for her. So we are gonna work to get her to church. Speaking of church. I spoke again. They asked me to do 10 minutes, then 5 because they thought I couldn`t do 10. Please! I did 10 and then some! Just kidding by the grace of our Father in Heaven I was somehow able to find the words to speak to these people and it went pretty well.

Finally yesterday we did a bunch of housing, met some pretty scary people. But also some really awesome people. A lady who kekkoed (no thanked) us, but gave us oranges. And another young family who said we could totsuzen (sudden streeting lesson) them if they had time. And an older drunk guy who was way nice! When he answered the door we asked him if he believed in God. And he told us he was God. We later found out that the kanji for God is in his last name. Soooo he wasn`t completely crazy. He was way nice, but we couldn`t really do anything because he was a little drunk. But we gave him our chidashi (flyer) and he called us that night apologizing for not telling us his name and said if we ever need anything to call him. He was super nice! And we`re gonna go visit him again, hopefully not drunk this time.

Anyways that was my week! I love you all and hope that you had a fantastic January! 

Johnson Shimai

P.S. No pictures this week. We were locked out of the church computer so we had to come to a store like place where you can`t send picture. Sorry!

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