Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Blog: Lost Track Of The Weeks

Ya, I stopped counting weeks on my blog because now I don`t know what week it is :)

To be honest this week I don`t remember much. And I feel like I just emailed a blog post. Because of transfers things got pretty crazy. Before transfers it was just running around like mad men because my companion was going home and two other shimai in the apartment were transferring. So we were just all over the place trying to say goodbyes and pack. But I just said goodbye to my trainer!! I`m so sad! She was the best trainer ever! I can`t believe she`s back in America. And our goodbye was cut short because I had to hurry and leave to get on my bus. It was a 5 hour drive to Taniyama. And I was the only missionary on the bus transferring down there. So about an hour before I had to get off I started panicking because I thought I had missed my stop because the names sound the same on the intercom, and I can`t read anything here. But I said a prayer and stayed on until the time I was supposed to get off and I made it safe and sound :). But merely by coincidence I met a girl from the U.K. who was on the same bus as me. She was pretty cool. She was visiting her friend before she goes back and said that she went to school with a Mormon. We just chatted for a short time and we were thinking of hanging out again, but she didn`t have a phone, and neither did I and she was only staying for a couple days. So maybe I was just a stepping stone for her, maybe she`ll want to hear more from the missionaries in the UK. Except I kept calling her Abbie. Ya, her name was Emma. Maybe I just ruined her whole image of the church. But it was such a blessing from God that I bumped into a foreigner in the middle of nowhere!
But since I got here not much has happened. But my new comp is way awesome. She is from Tokyo and speaks pretty good English actually. But we try to mostly speak Japanese in the apartment, so hopefully I will improve. We have taught two lessons so far. One to a member who has troubles with gaining a testimony. And one to a new investigator who is really busy. If he wasn`t so busy I would consider him a kinjin (golden investigator). He seems like he really wants to know the truth and understand God`s plan for him. But right now he wants to be a doctor so he is so hard to meet with. But hopefully we can find some time to meet with him. 
And then Sunday was fun. We just kind of chilled with the members. It`s a branch so there aren`t very many members here, but they seem nice. Taniyama is actually not that countryside. It`s more suburban. I haven`t been here that long, but I`m excited to meet some more crazy Asians! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic January! Stay warm!!

Outside Fujisaki apartment! The last time I saw it :(

Saying goodbye to Southworth-sama.

Saying goodbye to Messer shimai who transferred to Okinawa

Doi-sama and me. She was the only one that stayed :). I`m gonna miss our 4-man in Fujisaki!

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