Sunday, January 17, 2016

Hello everybody!
This week was way busy and so great! And as usual I only remember the
second half of it, haha! Let's see on Monday we went to visit Brian
who didn't end up being there, but then we housed the rest of his
apartment and talked to like 10 more foreigners some said they might
come to church, it was really weird. I'm not used to foreigners. Then
we dropped off some presents to the people who invited us over to eat
at their house and share a message and I could really feel that their
felt our appreciation even though as missionaries we cant do much for
Then we had another lesson with our investigator yuuji-san. And we
asked him if he has ever prayed and asked if there was a God before.
He said he hasn't and said he will try it. So we will see how that
Then we got to go up to Sasebo and junkai with the sisters up there
which was awesome! We talked to some pretty awesome people and taught
a lesson to their investigator who is getting baptized next week! She
was so cool, super ready! Then we started to house. And in Sasebo the
hills are pretty intense, but we just kept going from door to door,
and soon we found ourselves at the top of this mountain, and we just
looked out and it was beautiful! We found the ocean too! It was so
pretty! Then as we were climbing down we ran into this 91 year old
woman climbing down this ridiculous mountain. So we talked and climbed
down with her. Gave her a pamphlet on the gospel of Jesus Christ told
her to share it with her family and we parted ways.
And we met some awesome families and made return appointments.
Then we had our activity on Saturday which was way fun, I was just
mostly just playing ping pong with the kodomo eikaiwa kids while
Sister Lai taught her Chinese class. Then that night we knocked that
last door and made a return appointment, went back the next day and it
was kind of a weird visit so not sure if we are going back. But so
blessed that a member came with us!
Then on Sunday Miyuki-san came to church with Hara-shimai! And we got
to teach her a lesson! The whole thing went down kind of weird.
Hara-shimai got injured from work because a child threw a toy at her
face. So she couldn't see out of her left eye. So she asked Miyuki to
drive her to church. We taught her and she still wants baptism, but
maybe doesn't want to become Christian yet, but she wants to try and
read the book or Mormon. And she has been praying and feeling like
when she prays someone is coming closer to her and watching over her.
She is so amazing!! Please pray for her whenever you have the chance!
Or right now! Then we had the opportunity to help a member clean her
house and man we cleaned it good. It looked completely different after
we were done. It was such a good week!! And today emailing is a little
late, i apologize, but we had a huge mochi suki (where you make rice
cakes) with the ward so that was awesome!
I love Japan and the mission! It is so great! I know this church is
true and that we can receive revelation through scripture reading!

Sister Johnson
These weird industrial houses we found housing. Yes, those boxes are homes.

Us at the top of the mountain!!!

We found the ocean too! It looks like Christ descending from the heavens!!

Making the mochi

Using the Hammer. Look at Lai shimai, workin' so hard.

Kurume primary mochi suki!!!! (nakazono, adachi family, maki family, kamakura family, hiyama kyoudai, akiyama kyoudai, kawanami family, mimaki shimai, ogata-shimais friend)!!!!!

Here is a cute extra picture for you. Hana-chan and Sa-chan making
mochi :) So cute!

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