Friday, January 1, 2016

Blog: Happy New Year 2016

I have like no time today! It is new years in Japan and we are going
to go to this giant shrine with a friend of ours and it is gonna be
crazy crowded! Just want to let you know that Christmas was so fun and
new years has been such a blessing.
One of the things I have appreciated most this Christmas season is I
think it is the Christmas where I have felt closest to the Savior in
my entire life. I am not sure a year ago if I knew what my life was
going to be like at the end of 2015, but it is far better than
anything I could've imagined.
I love Japan. I love being on a mission. And I love my Lord and Savior
Jesus Christ.
On Christmas Eve I read some of the experiences from the quorum of the
12 apostles on the LDS website. And as I was reading one in particular
touched me. I really felt that the Lord was talking to and watching
over me that Christmas Eve as I was trying to watch over His children
in Kurume Japan.
The Lord never forgets nor forsakes us. In good times and in bad. He
merely prompts us to find happiness and joy in the only way we really
can. I am so grateful I can know about this church. And have had an
opportunity to serve for the year 2015, it was a great one. I met so
many wonderful people. And have received so many wonderful blessings.
Merry Christmas でした
。そうして Happy New Years!!!!!
I love you all and hope you had a wonderful holiday season!!!
Sister Johnson

Spent new years eve with this great kid! Jenga to the next level! (Kamakura Itsuki)

We went to an old shrine in Kurume. These trees are 800 years old! (Me, Iida-shimai, and Lai shimai)

Lai shimai and I on Christmas!! Yay malls!

Not sure if I sent this picture or not. But we ate at the dendou shuunins house for Christmas. His family is adorable!
Their baby whom I love :)

The concert we went to on Christmas Day!! Ogata shimai!

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