Sunday, November 29, 2015

Blog: Lots of Traveling

This week was another crazy one full of lots of miracles again!
On monday we went out to eat with our Eikaiwa students at this deep
frying place. It was so amazing! Except we had eaten not to long
before so we were already stuffed when we got there! Too bad, the food
was so delicious! Then afterwards we booked it over to a return
appointment we had at the train station. She was literally so amazing!
She was so bubbly and asked so many good questions! We invited her to
church and we called her the night before but she didn't pick up, and
didn't come to church which was unfortunate, but she ended up texting
us later saying that she forgot. So hopefully we will be able to meet
again with her this next week.
Then on Tuesday I went up to Fukuoka for a training meeting. I learned
so much and one of the elders that was giving part of the training
stood up and gave one of the best testimonies I have ever heard about
missionary work. He was baptized about 2 years ago and as already been
serving for about a year. He said he knew missionaries worked hard,
but coming out on a mission really shows how hard everyone works and
he started to cry and to thank us all. And I the spirit was so strong.
Being a member all my life, I understand how it is a good thing. But
someone that receives it as a convert really just understands how much
it changes their life. The gospel is just amazing.
Then on Wednesday we went out and went to some return appointments
that weren't there. But God was leading us to some more people who
were prepared and got to meet some interested people in the gospel.
One being a 15 year old boy. Who listened really well to the message
we gave him and was way excited about prayer. But not so much about
the other things plus when we visited him a second time his Mom was
there and she seemed a bit frantic about the whole ting which I think
made him nervous as well. So we will try and go back and visit, just
know the Lord has a plan for us all. And we also got to go visit a
less active with a member, which was so great! She was a really fun
lady and her kids were so cute! She seems to be having a hard time
lately, but she was so nice! And her kids were adorable! Plus she is a
cake chef, so we literally ate our weight in cake!
Then on Friday I went down to Sasebo to go on splits with the sisters
down there. Okay, so down in Sasebo they have a base so there are a
TON of Americans down there. With lots of american shops and
restaurants as well. So the elders bought us pizza. Like real dominos
pizza. It was heaven! Most of the day was spent dendouing though, and
we saw SO MANY MIRACLES!! It was amazing!! First of all I was like way
weirded out by all the American things. There was one point where we
were walking down the street and I saw a girl coming out in her
military clothes. We had passed her because she wasn't right in our
pathway, but we went back and talked to her. And we had such a good
conversation about God, why she is in japan, and her love for Japanese
culture. As we were leaving she told us that she was so glad we
stopped her. One of those moments where you heart stops thinking,
"what if I hadn't" And that is why we have to be SO in tune with the
spirit. But yes, that was so awesome! Then that night we had a goal to
hand out 4 book of Mormons. And as we were trying to hand out the last
one with only 15 minutes or so left, nobody would take the book of
Mormon. We were a bit discouraged thinking that we had tried our best
but nobody would take it. But we kept praying and with only 5 minutes
left and no where to really house we headed down an empty street. When
it was time to turn back and go home we saw this one lady walking
towards us. We stopped her and she said she was busy heading to work,
so all we had time to say was that we were telling people about this
book which can help guide your life and we are giving it away for
free. And she seemed to excited, took the book, and went to work. Does
God answer prayers? Indeed.
Then Saturday and Sunday were busy trying to get to return
appointments and proselyting. We met some really awesome people and
got to give out a lot of book of Mormons! And our new investigator
came to church! He is so cool and wants to change, which is the best
kind of people! He is just awesome!
Saw so many miracles this week, and my faith has been strengthened so
much. Sometimes it takes effort, but miracles only come by faith,
which without works is dead! The church is true, Christ lives, and the
scriptures are such a good map for my life!
Also so crazy that it is Thanksgiving!!!! Be so thankful for all the
wonderful things God has given. Spend some time with your family! Give
your neighbor a hug! Lift a child! (Doesn't even matter if it's yours)
And give thanks for the knowledge we have of a Loving Heavenly Father
and Savior who love us so much!!! I am grateful for all the
experiences in my life, and all the people I have had the opportunity
to love, and have had the blessing to receive their love. Best
Thanksgiving ever!!!!
Sister Johnson

Japanese people have style!!!

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