Monday, November 16, 2015

Blog: Halloween

So this week was a challenge, but also ones with a lot of rewards!
So basically we were mostly scrambling around to get our Halloween
party ready, and had junkais, and member lessons and what felt like a
big event every day of the week! Monday we had a lot of member lessons
so we weren't able to get a lot of dendo( tracking) time in, but the MIV's that
we had were SO great! Some people got pretty excited about sharing the
gospel and I felt the spirit so strongly at both of them.
One of the MIV's we had was with a member whose husband was less
active. And during the member video we were watching I could feel her
own longing for her family to be similar to the one in the video. Her
tears and her desires were so touching and brought the spirit. So I
felt him take over and prompt me to challenge her to pray daily with
her family. Whether they all came or not, she should invite them each
night and pray together. She said she is doing it, so we will wait and
see :)
Then we had district meeting, and tried to do a huge dendou get up at
the college there, but it ended up raining and one of the elders bikes
fell apart so we kind of wandered around not sure where we should go
and talked to some people. Which was good, except we didn't eat before
so we were all kind of zombified an hour in, haha, but it was still
Then on Wednesday we went to visit this less active with a member
because she felt prompted to go help. And so we waited... and
waited... and nobody was home. So she had to go, but we decided to
dendou a little bit and around 4 go and see if anybody was home. So we
went back and the son was home. So we waited a little longer and the
daughter came home, but still no Mom. So we waited until about six and
ended up going home because we had something to do, but it was a
blessing because we got to meet the kids and found out that that
shimai actually did start working. So when we go back we will have to
go later :) miracles in disguise!
Then we had a great junkai. Where i literally felt like all my
weaknesses were revealed, haha! It's been a while since I have been
with a nihon-jin (Japanese) companion. Yep, basically when I talk to people on
the streets I have been getting into a pattern and now realize that I
need to speak more with the power of the spirit. So it is time to
learn and improve. And sometimes we had to be put through a week of
finding no new investigators, and having everyone cancel on you :) A
little bit of refiners fire. I wonder if God just takes a chance us
wondering if we will choose to walk through the fire and come out
stronger on the other side. Not sure I am quite out of the fire, but
God needed me to change so I will try and do that at a pace God knows
is right for me. He has to take this little bit of dough and stretch
it to make a delicious pizza :) Probably a little more stretching is
needed, but I am in the makers hands so I just need to trust Him.
But we did have a really awesome miracle that happened in the
Halloween party. It was a blast!!! Everyone in the ward participated!
We had a great turn out of about 30-40 people, about half members, and
half non-members. Some were people we knew who brought friends, some
people off the streets, some members brought friends. It was the best
and everyone kept telling us how fun it was!!! The kids were a bit
crazy, but we were hyping them up on a lot of candy. Your welcome
Japanese parents!!! I can't think of any other way I would've wanted
to spend my Halloween!!!
Love this gospel and this church. Isn't it so great that we can learn
and grown. Everything is a reflection of our eternal purposes. What a
lovely plan indeed! Something I have learned this week and am still
learning is to trust in God, but understand where my agency takes
place as well. Hope you all had a great Halloween and had a great
Sister Johnson

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