Monday, November 16, 2015

Blog: Crazy Food Lady

So this week was kind of crazy but fun. Yes, it was transfer week and
I'm....... staying here in Kurume!!! YAY!!! Bair shimai is still my
companion! And she is doing a lot better this transfer so far. Given
it's the first day, but her coughing and various other symptoms have
gone down so I think she is getting used to Japan, yay! The first half
of this week was mostly dinner appointments and craziness because
Crump-shimai was reaching the end of her mission and going home. So on
Monday we went to the front of a mall and did a huge chidashi kubari
where we just hand out eikaiwa (English class) chidashi's( invites) to
people on the street.
But after about an hour or so the mall police came and moved us down to
the corner of the street, to be honest I am surprised they didn't come
earlier. But ya it was crazy we talked to like 100 people in those
couple of hours. Unfortunately you don't really get a huge chance to
talk about the gospel all that much, but we had somebody call us back
and tell us they were coming to the eikaiwa, which is amazing!!
Then after that we went with the sisters to eat at this yakitori
(grilled meat on sticks) place with a crazy lady they met on the
street, haha! Yep, so what happened was we met her on the street, then
took us to park our bikes in the bushes at a park. Them took a taxi
like two and a half blocks to this yakitori shop (could've walked
there, but paid 6.50 to go two blocks :) I was planning on buying like
2 things  because i knew it was going to be expensive, but she just
started buying things for us, like some normal stuff, then some weird
stuff. Like pigs foot, and chicken hearts. Half of it I would have
brought back up and handed back to them because the bill was
ridiculous! But anyways we made it, and that's what counts!
Then on Tuesday we went to visit a member who is struggling and she
surprised us with a shokuji ( meal) which was very nice. Then we shared a
message with her and the spirit was felt so strongly. Every direction
we took, every thing we testified about seemed to be what she needed
to open up. Now she loves the missionaries quite a bit. She still has
a long ways to go, but nothing God can't fix!
Then on Wednesday we did a lot of running around to help get Crump
shimai ready to go. Like getting pictures off of things, packing,
saying goodbye. Just craziness! But she is seriously so awesome and we
miss her!! But she'll be an awesome missionary on the other side of
the veil.
Then on Thursday we waited for the new missionary coming in and had
EKW, which was way fun!! Plus this next Eikaiwa should be good,
because Bair shimai's birthday is on it, so we will probably have a
Then on Friday we taught our recent convert who has been doing so
great lately! He asked about challenges and why people have them. And
what happens when we are wronged. So we talked about the justice and
mercy of our heavenly father and showed Him the mountains to climb
video and I think we all just felt the reassuring spirit that God is
all knowing and we need to trust in Him and His plan and what He would
have us do. Then we got to go teach a member about missionary work,
and her husband is less active. Which is awful, I feel like there is
so much of that in Japan. Which just makes me so grateful to have had
men in my life who are strong in the gospel and so willing to
undertake the responsibility of the priesthood. She is such a good
member, so we will be trying to think of ways to help her.
Then on Saturday we got to meet a less active, and a member came with
us, finally!!!! And what a help they were! She asks a lot of questions
about the BOM, which we always have difficulty answering because she
like the difficult Chinese characters. So definitely a testimony
builder on members!! Then we had a really cool return appointment with
a couple on the street who want to get married, but one lives in Kobe
and the guy lives here. But when we explained baptism and eternal
marriage he seemed interested so we were able to make a return
appointment and called him that night to try and move it to this
Sunday, but he said it was a bit difficult so we still kept it for
next Sunday! So fingers crossed!!
Then on Sunday we had a HUGE meal appointment because Crump shimai
came back to church with her parents to visit. They then went to a
neighboring ward to visit her other area so she was late getting to
the shokuji and we were all kind of freaking out because we didn't know
where they were and they didn't have phones either! But somehow they
got there. And our investigator Yamamoto-san came as well! We haven't
been able to see her for this whole last transfer, so that was
awesome!! And we shared such a powerful message on the Book of Mormon
and Joseph Smith. And it was so cool because it was blazing hot in
this room with so many people and the kids were getting a bit tired,
but during it they were practically silent and everyone really felt
the spirit.
And another miracle is that today we finally get a p-day to kind of
rest!!!!! I love the church so much and know that it is true with all
my heart. The more I study about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.
The more I know with surety that it is from God written specifically
for me. Prayers are answered and God loves and is aware of all his
Hope you all have a great November!!! Probably getting  little cold in Utah!!!


Us at the huge shokuji crump-shimais goodbye party! (up left to
right- nihara-kyoudai, mori-san, kawanami-kyoudai, akiyama-kyoudai,
kawanami-shimai, crump's parents, nihara-shimai, mori-san, shoutaro,
yamaguchi, kinjo, crump, yamamoto, parmley, makiko, me, bair, mccuen,
and megumi-chan)

Bye to Crump-shimai!!

Ali, parmley, crump, me, bair, megumi at the Saga balloon festival!!!

all the crazy balloons!!

all the little tiny balloons racing behind us!!

panoramic view!!

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