Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Blog: Happy Easter

This week as crazy!!! And just like an old man (*cough cough* dad) I
forget everything as an older mission. But this week I was really
really really praying that our investigator who we were getting ready
for baptism would move her date up. So I called her to follow up on
her experience at church and she asked why we chose a day in May for
her and she changed her date to 4/15.....! Oh my goodness!!! It was a
miracle. I just cried and thanked God. Although I know the real work
starts from now on. We had a lesson today and she really is learning a
lot, but sometimes lacks confidence in her own testimony so please
pray for her because she is a fantastic daughter of God who is coming
into the fold. Pray that all goes smoothly.
Then we taught our other investigator Kanna-chan.  We are still Trying
to figure out her needs, but her 10 month year old son is SO CUTE!!
Never wanted to be more whomphaku in my whole life! We are going to
try and bring a member with us to see how it goes. Don't have a lot of
time, but today is super great love you all!!!!
The church is true!!!
Sister Johnson
We. Found a. Giant Kumamon!!!

The sakura's are coming out!!!

We had a shokuji with the bishop!! (Mizoguchi, Spencer, ishida bishop, ishida Shimai, masters, and I)

Us and ishida Shimai with the Sakura tree!

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