Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hey ya'll,

This last week went by in the blink of an eye! We had a wonderful
lesson with our investigator Kiyomi-San who is scheduled to get
baptized next week! We are so excited, but we still have some things
to teach her and still need to help her get there! Then we had a giant
bomb lesson where we taught her like 1/2 of the commandments and about
Joseph Smith and Thomas S. Monson, then we taught her the rest on
Sunday. She is pretty solid, tea seems to be a little hard, but she is
ganbaruing so hard right now!! We also had another miracle, we went to
her house Saturday. The first time we have ever gone to he house
while her mom was there. We were so nervous, her mom is very against
all religion (in Japanese hantai) so we didn't know what to bring. We
ended up buying these cute, but quite stinky flowers... So yep that
happened. But when we came in her Mom greeted us with a big smile and
so much love. She is a wonderful woman! Plus our member that we went
wit brought home made bread, that Sisters homemade bread can change
the world. Then the next day on Sunday when Kiyomi-San came to church
her mom usually nags her and kind of fusses about her going up until
now, but this time when she got up she told Kiyomi-San to hurry up or
she would be late for church! I can testify the gospel, and the light
of Christ changes lives! It was such a miracle. I love Kiyomi-San and
her Mom, they are the sweetest people ever! Kiyomi-San is so wonderful
we hope that she can have confidence in her testimony and get baptized
and continue progressing towards eternal blessings. Please pray for
her! We definitely are!
We had some other lessons and some great experiences. We also saw a
miracle with a Pl who would like to come to conference next week. She
seems amazing! I am so excited to hear from our Prophet and the
apostles. So ready to learn so much!!! This gospel is so true! I
really have been pondering Moroni 7:48. Really thinking about if Jesus
Christ was to walk into the room right now. What would I do and how
would I feel. If Jesus Christ walked into your room right now... And I
am just going to leave it at that. I know that the church is true,
God's love is real, as well as Satan's temptation. But through Christ
we can overcome all, and can always call upon His name. He is always
willing to save.
Love you all!!


We went to Hanami this weekend!! It was amazing!!! We went to
Kumamoto castle. Wish I had more pictures, but it got WAY dark! SO

We had a cook fight and girls won!!!! (Random members from the ward after us)

Junkai's!!! Me, masters Shimai, Sato Shimai, Ogawa Shimai, Weller simai, Millet Shimai!! Super fun!!!!

The sakura! ( cherry blossoms)

We had a chicken fight. In the apartment. Don't tell Kaichou.

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