Wednesday, October 28, 2015

 Blog: P-Day Outing

This week was crazy amazing and busy!!! So very very busy! So to start
off the week wonderfully an eikaiwa student and her friend took us on
a road trip to a beach about an hour away. Basically went to heaven
and back on p-day! We ate at this ocean side Thai restaurant (not as
good as your Thai cooking dad, or real Thailand), then hung out at the
beach, then went to a cute little bread shop, then took this crazy
road up to the mountains where we saw this waterfall, which was way
cool!! Then hung out at some aeon mall afterwards. Apparently the
biggest one in Kyushu... or so they tell me. Ya it was pretty big I
think. Anyways, so that was amazing! Then on Tuesday we had 4 sisters
come down for junkais and that was crazy! We covered our whole tatami
room with blankets and futons and just slept wherever we had room.
Needless to say, did not get much sleep! But had an awesome time
junkai-ing  with a Japanese companion and meeting a lot of awesome
people! Then on Wednesday we had mensetsu's (interviews), which I loved. Absolutely
love kaicho! Then on Thursday and Friday consisted mostly of planning
for our musical number at district meeting, weekly planning, and
planning with the ward mission leaders for the Halloween party. Our
heads were spinning by the end, but it was great! The Halloween party
actually looks like it can take a step forward!! Yay!
This week unfortunately our investigator cancelled because she was
going to Tokyo to visit her kids, so not a lot of lessons this week.
Which is sad, but just let the Holy Spirit guide and do what I can,
right? But we have started doing a lot of lessons with members talking
about member missionary work. And it is awesome to see how much they
are already doing and where they want to improve. So we will have to
work hard and see what God has in store.
Then on Saturday we had the opportunity to go to the temple. Which was
amazing!!!!! Something that i realized during the two sessions is that
other than the love of God and Christ. The love between Adam and Eve
was probably the strongest in history! Adam literally gave up the
perfect life to cleave unto Eve. What a guy! So to all the single
people out there if there are any that read my blog (this can apply to
all the married ladies in my ward that are probably the majority of my
readers) go find your Adam!!! Settle for nothing less, but be an Eve
that deserves him!!! And although you will have to labor hard in the
toil of the world, God will bless you!!! I love this church and
learning things everyday!!! Have a great week!!
Sister Johnson

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