Monday, October 12, 2015

Blog: Being Fed

 So, this week everybody cancelled on us. Fiddlesticks. But, God never
leaves the starving hungry for long to say the least. And I mean that
in both the literal, missionarial, and spiritual terms. So at the
beginning of this week we basically did planning, dendou, and
studying. We did get to teach a recent convert to get him ready for
endowments because is year mark is coming in the next couple of
months. So SUPER excited for that. Hopefully I will still be here!
Then we had an awesome zone meeting. Where they talked about our
mission not being a zero baptismal goal mission. So Bair shimai and I
talked and moved that goal zero up to a 1. Aaaaaaand, no baptism this
week, sorry folks. But still lots of crazy miracles. So let me start
out with literal starvation. I don't know if you know but food on a
mission is both the enemy and the rescue. This week was fast Sunday,
and oh how Bair shimai and I were dying. We had about 3 hours of just
straight dendou before we could eat. And a member invited us over,
which was the best. So we went out to visit a P.I. wasn't there. Then
housed around, no luck. Walked through a Japanese forest and got eaten
alive by mosquitoes. Visited another P.I. still no luck. Then here
comes the spiritual food. So we were basically on our last breath of
spiritual strength looking out at the sunset after knocking on a door
and nobody came. Then our phone started to ring. And lo and behold a
girl who didn't show up to the lesson that day who I called called us
back and told us she was sorry and forgot and made a new
appointment!!!! Fed. Then after that we crawled back home and put on
some ointment to calm our itching and went to the meal appointment.
Where they fed us just the most amazing food (ex: apple pie mochi,
spicy fried rice, curry chicken, pasta) Fed. Then they showed us
pictures of their wedding (35 years ago) and it was the cutest thing
ever!! Made me really feel the atmosphere of love and the spirit in
their home. Fed.
Then we also had the women's general session of conference. Which was
AMAZING! Conference has marked a special place in my heart since I
watched it the first week in the MTC, at my 6 month, and now.... Well
we don't need to say. I look forward to this next conference so much.
I was so sad to hear about those apostles who had passed away. But I
was reading a comment Elder Nelson gave to the newspaper that said how
these spiritual monsters have passed on, who had such an influence in
the church, and yet the church continues on as if nothing has
happened. And THAT is how you know that the front of this church is
the Lord. And I know that is true. The Lord will never leave us in
times of darkness, nor in times of light. And this is His work, and we
are only limited by our own lack of faith. Have ye sufficiently
retained in remembrance that he has delivered their souls from hell?
(Alma 5) Everything is centered on this gospel and Christ's atonement.
Even if we lived a perfect life, it would still not be enough. We need
Him, and He needs us to trust Him. In an all loving, almighty God who
has and will give us all that He has if we just choose to accept it.
Though sometimes it seems hard, but we can notice even in the bad
times the bright fervent colors of the gospel along our glowing path
to eternal happiness. Now is part of eternity, or so Aunt Rose told me.
Love this church, love this gospel, so excited to watch conference,
love you all and hope you are appreciating the fall weather! Have an
awesome week! Don't forget what you learned at conference!!!


Her first black thunder ice cream. Yep, I'm a good Mom.

This guy next to the flower shop of a lady we befriended, he gave us free, piping hot salt water from his special salt, and miso soup, and oranges. So we bought a onigiri from him :)

The beautiful sunset of Japan!

Us at the super delicious shoukuji, Thanks Nihara Mom and Dad! (me, bair-shimai, nihara-shimai, nihara-kyoudai, crump-shimai, akiyama-kyoudai, kinjo-kyoudai, and parmley-shimai)

My new homescreen :)

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