Monday, September 21, 2015

Blog: Multilingual

 I swear I have memory loss because I don't even remember which
miracles happened when or what year it even is. But this week we had
district P-day it was SO FUN!!! We went to this sports center and just
like tried every single thing out. Batting cages, basketball, soccer,
rollerblading, darts, and of course the massage chairs. It was way
fun! And our investigator came too, which was way great because he got
some exposure to members his age, which were the elders.
This week we also had junkai's which is the third time on my mission,
ever! So it was way nice. Everyday is just a miracle party in Kurume.
We talked to so many people and got to do a lot of baptismal invites
and BRT which helped me out a lot! Something way cool that happened
was that we don't have any Japanese book of Mormons right now. So we
grabbed and English, Chinese, and Vietnamese book of Mormons and
prayed asking God if He would lead us to people we could give these
out to. So we set off on our adventure. There came one point where we
prayed and asked which street we should go down. We both felt this one
street and ran into this Chinese girl who took some convincing, but
she did take the Book of Mormon! Then we went down to this other area
to visit a P.I. no luck. But as we were walking we saw this girl pass
by on her bike who didn't look Japanese... probably Vietnamese??? So
we turned around and started to follow her, creepily. But then the
light turned green for her, then red for us. So we were devastated.
But then we saw that she parked at the p.i.'s apartment. Crossed the
street and talked to her, she was.... Filipino, so close! But we
made a time to give her one in Tagalog, so that is cool! Then as were
were going to go house some more we were standing at a stoplight when
a voice came up to us and said, "Hey, where are you from?" We turn
around and it is like this burly Filipino dude who speaks perfect
  Englishstanding next to us on his bike. So we walk and talk with Him.
Apparently lived in Seattle for a long time, came to Japan, and married
a Japanese lady. He was going to go drinking with some friends who
also have Japanese wives (an American and an Englishman) So we told
him about the Book of Mormon gave him an English one, he seemed way
excited and rode off into the dark. It was CRAZY!!! So that was
junkai's (splits) So cool!!
Then we had our activity on Saturday which went super well!!!! A ton
of people came!
Then on Sunday we had our two investigators come to church, and our
mission president. Wait, what?! Ya our mission president called us the
day before and said he had a Sunday off and was just going to come and
be in our ward. So yep, that was exciting. He intimidated one of our
investigators into lying that he reads the Book of Mormon everyday.
Don't think he even knows where his BoM is, haha! But we were able to
make a return appointment which was way cool!!!! Then a previous
missionary from the area came and visited so we actually got to go
visit some less actives with her, which was awesome, because we were
able to make a relationship. Then we went to a concert of a member who
is a professional singer and afterwards she took us around this like
street with a bunch of clubs and bars and introduced us to all her
friends and we invited them all to church! It was way fun, and so odd,
haha! But seriously the best!
Missions are the best!!!! I know God loves each and every one of us
and will always guide us to His truth!! So let's have faith!!! This
church is not only true, but also the only pathway to true happiness.
I hope you all have a lot of happy moments this week!

Sister Johnson

District p-day! (back left: elder connet, elder miyanishi, elder
fukuda, elder seable, sister crump, healey, parmley, inamasu-san
(investigator), sister kawahara, me!) LOVE YOU!!!

Us at the shokuji with these fantastic members!! (right to left: Nihara-kyoudai, me, Healey, Inamasu-san, kinjou, the Mori family, Nihara-shimai, Parmley) Seriously the greatest!

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