Monday, September 14, 2015

 Blog: Jelly Fish and Chicken Parts

So this week was just nuts. But what is new.
So first I am going to talk about our dinner appointments, because
food is very important to me. And I have to tell you what I ate! So we
had a recent convert and an eternal investigator take us out to eat
this week. We went to a fancy Chinese restaurant and I ate jelly
fish!! It was actually quite good. Then we went to a yakitori place
(it's like a place that just grills all kinds of meat and puts them on
a stick) and I had chicken cartilage, skin, and liver. I was not
really a fan of those ones. But he fed us regular meet as well, which
was just so good!
So this week for miracles. So basically it was miracle Sunday. There
were like new people walking in every 10 minutes. And I know because
everyone would turn their head right when someone walked in. So at
first our investigator did not show up, but then when I texted him he
said he'd be right over! Then this family that the other sisters met
came! It was SO amazing! Then a lady they met housing came as well!
Then a members wife's non-member's mom came too! It was just a way
weird experience! A fantastically weirdly spiritual experience! So
basically Kurume is going to explode into a million members, so I hope
you're all prepared! Let's get this show on the road!! But yes, I also
wanted to share this seemingly small miracle but my mind is still
blown as to how it all happened. So, some background, when I take off
my name tag at the end of the day I always put it on my desk. So this
last week we rode to the church and unbeknownst to me I had left the
apartment without my name tag on. But when we were getting into the
building I stuck my hand in my pocket and felt something and it was my
name tag!!! WHAT?! My mind was blown! So basically it was like Jesus
turning water into wine, like such a small thing but you just can't
figure out how it happened because it is like basically impossible!
But that's the thing I guess, nothing is impossible with God! It was
We got to meet some awesome people this week, we meet some really
weird ones as well. Like this guy who tried to tell us he was a
prophet. Asked us to write something on a piece of paper outside so
that he couldn't see. So i write "Jesus is the Christ" and crumpled it
up. Then we went back in and he went into his house and prayed and
then came out and basically almost got it. Still don't know how.
Because first he doesn't speak English, and I don't think he knows
Jesus is the Christ. So yep, still trying to figure out that black
magic, but it wasn't really as scary as it was weird. Then we went and
talked to this grandma who invited us to her bar on fast Sunday. So we
told her we don't drink alcohol, coffee, or water (at the time) she
was very surprised to say the least. But a very nice lady :). I am not
sure why we keep meeting this random nice, and weird strangers who
aren't really all that interested in the gospel. But maybe God is
preparing us for some crazy strangers who ARE ready to hear the
gospel! It's gonna be great, stay tuned.
Our investigators Inamasu and Yamamoto are doing quite good.
Yamamoto-san's husband is still opposed, so if you could keep her in
your prayers that both their hearts will be softened that would be
great! Inamasu will be starting the lessons this week, so we are very
excited :)! Let's see some miracles!!! It's going to be awesome! I am
way excited and love missionary work! The church is SO true and it
helps me through all hard and awesome experiences. I am so glad we can
feel joy in it's purest form because of our Savior who loves us,
sacrificed for us, and continues to strengthen us. This week I really
want to focus on my Savior more! Hope you all keep a thoughtful prayer
of thanks towards Him as well! LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Johnson

This lady we met, while looking at my photo album asked if she
could put some of them in her homemade shrine. So Maddie and Hannah!
Congrats! You made the wall of nakamichi-san's shrine!!

Me, Healey, Crump, Parmley, and Yamaguchi-san eating at the fancy 12 course chinese restaurant, eating jellyfish!!

Us at the shokuji with these fantastic members!! (right to left: Nihara-kyoudai, me, Healey, Inamasu-san, kinjou, the Mori family, Nihara-shimai, Parmley) Seriously the greatest!

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