Monday, August 31, 2015

Dear everyone,
Okay so this week was honestly a lot of dendouing because the area
split and we only have one investigator right now who wasn't able to
meet this week. But it was pretty fun and we got to talk to a lot of
nice people! There was one really sweet miracle though and that was
this girl we met on the street and when we said hello to her she was
like "just speak to me in English". We were very surprised. Apparently
she studied English on her own and is very, very good at it. So we
talked with her and asked if she could come thirty minutes early
before English class to chat with us. And we didn't realize that we
had ZTM so far away and that it would take up so much time so we
weren't sure if we were going to make it. So we got on the train and
thinking maybe we wouldn't be able to make it and called a member to
be at the church just in case she came. And by some miracle we did
make it!! It was awesome! And she showed up and we got to talk to her
in English which was awesome! And she likes to game and wants to go
into programming like I do, so I told her about the University of Utah
being a really good program for that and she just lit up and we just
talked about that and she seemed way awesome. Unfortunately right now
she is way busy, but she seems like such a sweet girl ready to learn
about this gospel! It was awesome!

But yes, we also had a great ZTM in Nagasaki and some really awesome
members bring us food and things. We have some AWESOME members here in
Kurume. We also had stake conference this last Sunday which was way
fun! Got to see some elders and sisters from previous areas and some
members from Fujisaki (my bean area) and surprisingly quite a few of
them remembered me!! Which was way cool to see them again. However, I
was terrible at taking pictures, so sorry about that. I will do what I
can! Anyways LOVE YOU ALL, CHURCH IS TRUE!!! Have a fantastic week!!!!

Johnson 姉妹

Us at sushi roll after zone meeting with all the sisters in our
zone. We had to split off because elders and sisters are the same
amount. (me, sister crump, sister parmley, sister akahori, sister
kawahara, sister healey, sister clements, and sister anderson)

Us playing with the photo booth on our camera.

Us after trying to film a skit for district meeting. I was the man and I look like a hun from mulan, haha!

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