Monday, August 24, 2015

Blog: Cicadas

Well today I don't have a lot of time because it is transfer day and I
think I will be transferring so we have like three meal appointments
today! Basically crazy to the max!
But yes it is very hot here in Japan. I just sweat, and sweat in
places I never even knew I could sweat from. It is a very exciting
experience. And the cicadas are waaaaaay loud!! Like defeaning!
But this week was altogether a very good week. To be honest weeks are
going by so fast and we have been quite busy this week that I don't
remember most of it. But one exciting thing that happened is one of
our investigators came to church on Sunday to see me speak! And she
has a baptismal date for two weeks from now! She was a previous
investigator of mine and through a very awesome experience came back
to church on her own and is now excited and nervous to receive
baptism. But she really wants those blessings from God and wants
guidance to help her daughter as well. She is seriously such a nice
and sincere lady. And so ready to enter into the fold of God and
receive all the blessings He has in store for her. Seriously change in
people creates a feeling inside of you that you can't explain with
We also had a summer festival party at the church. It was a big crazy
since we ended up doing most of the preparation, but it worked out and
all is well! We had a great time and I will post some pictures below!
Sorry this week was short, but the Lords is moving His work forward
rapidly, so no time to stop! This work is true, and EVERY person can
have the opportunity to contribute! So glad that I am a Mormon!

Sister Johnson

The ghetto ring toss we made, haha but the kids loved it!

The pinata we made taniyama chourou. He was indestructable.

The summer festival!!

Taniyama chourou, stealing hearts of sister missionaries everywhere ;)

(I lost count) me, kozaki shimai, recent convert Mayu shimai and our investigator ikeuesan at what might've been our last lesson together. She is way awesome and unique lady! Love her so much. Just gotta get her to church!

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