Sunday, May 10, 2015

Blog: Bike vs Auto

Well this week was kind of crazy! So on Tuesday we were riding our bikes in the rain to catch a train to district meeting. And while I was passing McDonalds I got hit by a car! So there is this wall that goes right up to the sidewalk so you can`t see the cars driving out of the drive through. And when I finally did see the car I pulled on my brakes, but my bike slipped on the tile sidewalk and the car hit the front part of my bike and I tipped over into the rain. I really sustained no injuries other than like a bruise on my leg. But the crazy part was that one of the policeman that came was someone who we had taught a little bit before, and he really helped out. And the guy that hit me with his car had met the elders before! So many miracles, and the angels were watching over me!
Then the next day we had a huge sports festival with the whole district. And Taniyama came in second! I got to run some of the relays and participate in the huge group activities. It was way fun! I was so sore the next day. I mean as a missionary you ride your bike everyday but running works a whole different set of muscles and waking up the next morning was hard. It was really fun though and it was good to see a lot of unity amongst the taniyama branch. I`ll send you pictures since explaining with words is really hard, but it was super fun I hope you can see that through the pictures!
Then Thursday we celebrated one of our investigators birthdays by making her a cake and she was so surprised! She said nobody had ever done something like for her before. And it just made me think how blessed I am to have good friends and family. Because for me, I would expect something like that on my birthday and this investigator was just beyond happy when we came in with her cake, it was so fun!
Then we had another lesson with a new investigator who made a baptismal date! Yay! And he wanted to come to church. Unfortunately he called us on Saturday morning telling us that he didn`t want to come anymore because of some stuff his friends told him and he had read on the internet. NOOOO! We were way bummed out, but we know God has a plan for all of us and sometimes it feels like Satan is winning the war, but it was just a small battle. And I know that all things eventually will work out for my good (D&C 122). That`s definitely a promise from God and He is mightier than all. I know this church is true and if anything during a mission this testimony has only been strengthened. Satan will try and work against us during our times of strength, but if we overcome we will be stronger than we have ever been before! So keep at it ya`ll. I know the Lord will bless you for it, and I love you so much, and so does the Lord!
Anyways have an awesome week!

Sister Johnson

Bruised knee post accident

missionaries at the games

Whole District at the games

Taniyama Branch takes second

Eating with member and district

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