Tuesday, February 10, 2015

 Blog: Mountain Biking

So this week was pretty busy. I think. We had mensetsu`s ( interview) with the mission president. And special training from the AP`s. It went pretty well. But we got lost on the way up there, but we ran into some of the Elders and they knew where the church was. Really missionaries receive so many blessings from God! But then we also had zumba that day. The senior couple sister was a zumba instructor back in the U.S. of A. And a lot of people come, so it was way fun!

This week we taught an L.A. who literally keeps all the commandments, but she doesn`t come to church because her mother, who lives with her, is super hantai (against the church). Then we also taught two investigators who struggle with knowing if God is there and the plan of salvation. But we will keep working with them :). But something I realized as we were teaching these three sisters is that I am so glad I grew up in the church. Given I had to find out if these things were true on my own, but because i had been taught these things growing up it wasn`t as hard for me to grasp the concept I guess. Growing up in a Christ-centered home is really such a blessing that I took for granted. I am so glad that I know that our Savior lives and that he died for us. Church is true!

Then we taught a member who says he has weak faith. But he kind of made a resolve to read the book of mormon again. He enjoyed it the first time, but said he didn`t receive that feeling from God that it was true so he is kind of angry with God. But he said he wants to read it again. And we asked him when he was going to start reading. He said, `Why not today?` And we were like, Yes, yes Ryou, why not today? So awesome! He really is such a nice member though, he always thinks about others before himself.

Then we taught our kinjin (investigator) lesson 3 and part of lesson 4. She is so busy that we just cram in as much as we can in an hour since her baptism date is coming up. But man, her faith is just strong. She still has a strong desire to be baptized and said she will keep the commandments of prayer, scripture study, obedience, baptism, and confirmation. She was very surprised about the W.o.W. and said that she loves tea and drinks it everyday and said it is difficult for her to understand. But she said she would try it for a week. Then she came to church the next day. And what a miracle! Everyone that spoke that day talked about keeping some sort of commandment. One even talked about the W.o.W. And after we asked her how the W.o.W. is going. And she said that she really does want to know if the W.o.W. is from God and that she will pray and such to find out! She is really so amazing and I just love her.

But yep, that is basically all for this week. Love you all! Hope you have a good one! Keep the commandments!

Johnson 姉妹

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